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TokajGuide - a New Edition

09 April 2021

The 4th edition of the bilingual TokajGuide debuted this week, presenting the wonders of the historic wine region in Hungarian and English, from the most exciting cellars to local gastronomy, events and from the most beautiful excursion destinations to the best accommodation.

In the fresh volume, three more wineries have received star ratings, and in addition to the many attractions, readers can now learn about more than 150 defining, contemporary wineries.

Updated since 2014, the free and independent guide seeks to capture a snapshot of the wine region, including the region’s diverse attractions, making sure that not only wine lovers receive useful guidance before leaving the area. For example, for water lovers, there are the Bodrog and the Tisza rivers, those who want to go on a trip can choose from the castles and natural wonders of Zemplén in addition to the ten most beautiful vineyards with the most beautiful views. Those who are receptive to gastronomy can head to many cheese workshops, coffee roasters, jam manufactories or even local bakeries, brandy production places and even breweries. And for those who would spend a full week in Hegyalja, a varied, 7-day program guide will also be of assistance.

Hegyalja has many renowned wineries run by women. The author devotes this issue to the women working for Tokaj. In addition, event tips, vintage reviews, top lists, tasting notes and infographics present the specific types of Tokaj wines and numerous brilliant landscape and cellar photos add color to the publication.

“There has to be a timeless imprint of where this historic wine region is heading today. Over the centuries, Hegyalja has always had unique challenges and even today, there are many processes and influences on the people who create here. My goal is to tell their story and give the reader a picture of who and how defined the present and future of this wine region. But if, say, 200 years later, someone takes up this book and learns from it that his great-grandfather cultivated two hectares of vineyards in the Palota vineyard in Tállya, then this publication is coming to an end,” the author says.

A separate chapter presents the 500-year history of Tokaj aszú, exciting tasting experiences, a wine catalog featuring significant reference wines of recent decades, and the star rating of outstanding estates, also introduces the arena of the exciting contemporary wine community. The previous edition was nominated for Gourmand International Awards Best in the World in the ‘European Wine Books’ category this year, and the author was also nominated by the Vinum Praemium Foundation Winemakers ’Friend this year (both will have the results announced in June).

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