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Fine Art Hungary – Artwork of the Year 2023

10 April 2023

This year, it is for the second time that the ‘Fine Art Hungary – The Artwork of the Year’ is to start: in 2023, even more works of art will be available on, with the artifact of the year selected from among over 200 items.

An important element of the initiative is that you can not only view the works of Hungarian artists, but also buy them at the online auction starting next week, the organizers stressed in a statement sent to MTI.

As they write, at the online auction, which will run for two weeks, the works will not only be the subject of bids from buyers, but will also compete with each other: the works will be voted for by buyers and Fine Art Hungary's expert panel to decide which will win the title of Artwork of the Year 2023.

Fine Art Hungary's series of events to promote fine art will be launched on April 10 with a presentation of the works of art entitled ‘Addressing the Eyes’. The organizers aim to encourage more people to discover the interesting and diverse world of art as a source of pleasure.

Painter and chairman of the expert panel, József Szurcsik, art collector Miklós Völgyi and politician and art collector Zsolt Németh , will take part in the panel discussion at the opening event of the online auction.

The auction on, which will run until 26 April, will include the program's top works, photographs, prints, sculptures and sculptures. Some of the pieces have been selected by experts as a result of the auction, the press release says.

The selection, which faithfully reflects the diversity of Hungarian contemporary art, was restricted to works of high artistic quality, representing timeless artistic and economic value. Hundreds of Hungarian artists submitted works to the competition. The backbone of the initial group of artists is formed by members of the Fine Art Hungary TOP100 artists' circle.

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