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’Zúzmara’ Running Race on January 13

11 January 2019

’Zúzmara’ Running Race is a half-marathon with additional shorter distance runs throughout the day. It will be held on January 13 at Hungexpo. So, if you feel the energy to fulfill any distance in Budapest, go for it!

The race takes place at the Hungexpo site and runners compete on a flat course in, around and outside the exhibition site and on a horse-racing track. For the half-marathon there are two loops with an extension on the road after the first loop. The terrain greatly depends on the weather. There is something special about the atmosphere at this race. The start in the building offers comfort (and coffee!) for those supporting the runners, while those taking part seem to get wrapped up in the mild absurdity of racing in such conditions.

Basic distance:

  • 21 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km

This year there will be combined distances available for those who like to run with a friend and share the distance:

  • 5+21+10 km
  • 21+10 km
  • 5+21 km
  • 5+10 km

Date and time: January 13, starting at 9 am
Venue: Hungexpo - 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10.

Further information is available on the offical website.


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