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Fine Art Hungary – Art of the Year Awards Presented

12 December 2022

Ágnes Verebics' Globeface in the picture category and Botond Polgár's Pártorzó [Pair torso] in the sculpture category were the winners of the Fine Art Hungary – Artwork of the Year 2022 program series, the organizers told the state news agency MTI on Sunday.

As the statement recalled, the Fine Art Hungary program series was launched in April under the title ‘The Possibilities of Value Retention in a World of Value Loss’, in which 115 Hungarian artists submitted their works. Members of the Fine Art Hungary TOP100 artists' circle, established last year, formed the backbone of the initial group of artists.

The best works of Fine Art Hungary – Art of the Year 2022 were voted by the program's panel of experts to decide which of the best works will be this year's Art of the Year.

According to the press release, József Szurcsik, painter and chairman of the panel, said at the award ceremony that "the artist's job is to ask clear questions in this confused world, to be sure of himself and to create new values alongside the old ones, according to his beliefs."

Zsigmond Kriza, the founding director of Fine Art Hungary, was also quoted as saying that the choice of subject was entirely free, and it was therefore particularly noteworthy that seven of the ten works presented at the awards ceremony were on the theme of the importance of protecting the planet and preserving the natural environment.

The aim of the program, he said, is to ensure that works of art that stand out from the new works of the national masters become a prominent, iconic part of public thinking through the interest that is due to the top works.

The art portal, which organizes the Fine Art Hungary program, will auction the TOP-listed works online.

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