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Hungarian National Gallery is opening with Pre-Raphaelits masterpieces from TATE, London

06 May 2021

As coronavirus restrictions are becoming less intense in Hungary, museums are opening to the public. After long months of online tours, the Hungarian National Gallery is happy to welcome visitors on May 13 with Pre-Raphaelist masterpieces arriving from the TATE Gallery, London. A complementary show accompanies the main exhibition, providing visitors the opportunity to learn how Hungarian artists reacted to the Pre-Raphaelists. Almost 100 pieces will be exhibited till August 22 as part of these amazing shows.

Additionally, the Sean Scully-exhibiton, which opened in The National Galery in October 2020 but was closed due to pandemic restrictions, will be available to the public until the end of May. The Museum of Fine Arts reopens on May 12. Their first temporary exhibition starts on June 3 and will feature amazing graphics from Di Vince to Miró. 

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