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Classical music for your mood

12 January 2021

The new platform of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda is an online concert hall and an exceptional music video-sharing service at the same time, where you can meet the sometimes entertaining, sometimes dramatic moments of classical music grouped by moods. On the site A Way to Music, you can approach compositions, and thereby, yourself with your own special twist and at your own pace. The unique online classical music interface is free until June 1.

The site A way to Music may be considered an introduction to the world of classical music even for those who haven’t met this genre before, though are curious and interested in getting acquainted with it. Indeed, this interface provides a selection of recordings organized into categories of moods and emotions, spanning from one-minute excerpts to complete works. “We provided music to search among not in the usual way, say, by composers and works, but by moods. This will change the starting point for users. So they can enter our site not by the attitude of wanting to listen to classical music, for example, Beethoven, but much more likely with the openness to learn if there are compositions in classical music that they like and match their personality or momentary mood. We considered it important to make available even very short excerpts, for one may not have the mood or the time to listen to a complete symphony. However, a one-minute video may help them decide if you are comfortable with that style. Then, they can move forward to listen to the entire work or even an entire concert” – points out artistic leader of the orchestra Máté Hámori.

On the interface, videos are grouped into 40 categories, including: Soul, Fight, Hero, Adventure, Community, 18+, Psycho, Other World, Soul, Dark, Alone... some of the catchwords one can browse among. Under the label Dream, one can find soft, relaxing music for rest and relaxation. You may want to take a listen to the New Beginning if you need strength and courage before making a big decision, or to overcome the hardships of everyday life. The really curious may want to browse in the category Bizarre where they can face twisted rhythms, strange changes, sometimes grotesque yet wonderful pieces of music.

On the site A Way to Music, one can find all sorts of music, from videos for children to musical meditation to classic dinner-jacket concerts. The site is also the online home for Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, that will make available the orchestra’s earlier headline concerts, performances for the youth, and also live broadcasts. And based on the video playbacks, the system will adapt to the users and offer them suggestions that suit their preferences.

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