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Gundel & Love: Valentine's Day dinner at the City Park

29 January 2020

Are you in the mood for romance? Do you and your partner crave some quality time away from vibrating smartphones and glaring screens to focus solely on each other? Would you like to enjoy refined service and discover some of the most exciting courses in Hungarian gastronomy? Then your place is at Gundel, especially this Valentine's Day.

Let Gundel transport you back in time, to Budapest's Golden Age, when the capital was bustling with creativity and optimism, and citizens enjoyed life to the fullest. At the same time, look into the bright future at the hands of Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki, who blends traditional Gundel cuisine with the latest culinary trends to surprise enthusiastic guests. On Valentine's Day, Gundel restaurant seeks to offer the highest quality, the preservation of tradition, and the spirit of experimentation paired with romantic intimacy and a feast for the senses. This offer is available from Friday, February 14 through Saturday, February 15 (for lunch as well). The Valentine's Day menu showcases the creativity of Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki. The wine pairings have been chosen by Head Sommelier Kitti Koór.

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