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Jack-o'-lantern Festival in Heroes Square

29 October 2022

A fun and entertaining charity event, which also provided a magical spectacle, took place in Budapest's Heroes' Square on Saturday evening in the spirit of Halloween.

It was for the first time in 2009, Halloween jack-o'-lanterns populated the Hungarian capital’s Heroes' Square, where anyone could drop off their home-made jack-o'-lanterns to decorate the square for two hours.

Many people took the celebration seriously, with many families in costume and the younger ones happily running around with their faces painted and discovering one after another.

Similar scenes played out this year at the non-profit event. In addition to the pumpkin lanterns, the organizers asked all participants to bring 1-3 pieces of canned food or any kind of non-perishable food. The food collected will be distributed to children in need by the Child Nutrition Foundation.

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