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Gravity & Other Myths: Backbone

11 September 2018

‘Backbone’ is the third work of the Australian circus company Gravity & Other Myths, whose previous show titled ‘A Simple Space’ has achieved huge international success and has been performed more than 350 times at 68 festivals and theaters across 18 countries. This latest show (literally) tosses around the perception of what strength is, where it comes from and how it is measured, testing the limits of physical, emotional, individual and collective strength. As Limelight Magazine says, Backbone is a “magnetic world premiere, a perfect combination of fluidity, mettle and danger ... The sheer strength of body and character needed to round out this frenzied performance demonstrates a discipline and camaraderie, rarely seen on stage. Simply a joy to watch.”

The show will be staged at Budapest's Trafó, on September 27-29.

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