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Countries where Hungarian wines are the most popular

31 August 2023

Hungary is the 16th largest wine producer in the world, with 2.900 hectoliters produced in 2022. The Hungarian business news site Pénzcentrum investigated which countries are the biggest importers of Hungarian wine.

    According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH), Hungary exported 136,492 tons of wine to other countries in 2022, a 25% increase compared to 2021.

    The biggest importer of Hungarian wines, both in terms of free-at-frontier price and net weight, is its northern neighbor, Slovakia, followed by Germany and the Czech Republic.

    The largest importers of Hungarian bottled wine are the Slovaks, Czechs, Belgians, Germans and Spaniards, while more than half of Hungarian exports of wine in cask are destined for two countries, Slovakia and Germany.

    The most famous Hungarian wine, Tokaji, has been losing popularity for years, but this is part of a global trend: sweet wines have been replaced by light, fruity white wines and rosés.


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