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Cocktails Inspired by Hungarian Inventions - ‘Live on the Terrace’ returns to the Danube Promenade

05 July 2019

InterContinental Budapest’s summer event series titled ‘Live on the Terrace’ is back again this year. Visitors can enjoy live music and culinary treats while sipping cocktails inspired by Hungarian inventions. All this with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful sunset views Budapest can offer.

Throughout the summer, Thursdays will be all about Latin rhythms, with the Mai Rumba band performing in the bar, while on Fridays guests will enjoy acoustic music at Corso Restaurant. Besides the music, a complete culinary experience awaits guests who are invited to actively participate in the preparation of their own dinner, using the popular Green Egg ceramic grill. On Saturdays, a DJ and a singer will be ‘jazzing up’ guests at the terrace. Having returned home after years of gaining experience abroad, Chef Gergő Gullner is in charge of Corso Restaurant’s kitchen, and his goal is to reinvent Hungarian traditions in the light of his international exposure. By transforming traditional dishes, he explores regional gastronomy from the Dalmatian seaside to the Tatra mountains in Slovakia. Gullner, an avid proponent of the globally popular ‘zero waste’ trend, uses locally available, in-season ingredients (every bit of them, according to ‘basic rules’). Keeping sustainability in mind, it comes handy that on the rooftop of InterContinental Budapest hotel, a bio garden has been created, where herbs, paprika, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and strawberries are grown. “We’d like to introduce high-quality Hungarian ingredients to the guests of the hotel’s bar as well, so we are offering Hungarian pálinka and gin,” the chef notes. “Our cocktails are inspired by world-famous Hungarian inventions such as the Rubik’s cube and the Biro pen, and come in unexpected tastes, forms and design. For instance, one of our cocktails is an homage to Hungarian biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi, who is credited for discovering and isolating vitamin C. The spectacular vodka-based cocktail includes sour tasting vitamin C pills finely pulverized in a mortar and the fresh flavors are highlighted by the addition of tonic water. The Corso Elixír is also freshly prepared and the roasted cocktail tomatoes and the fresh herbs come from the rooftop bio garden,” the chef reveals. Guests can enjoy the complex culinary and musical experience of ‘Live on the Terrace’ until September.

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