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WAMP Design Fair x V4

16 November 2018

On November 25, WAMP will treat design passionates with an exciting special fair at the biggest hall of Millenáris (Hall B) in cooperation with the International Visegrad Fund. Beyond Hungarian exhibitors this time almost forty designers of the Visegrád Countries (V4) will introduce their brands.

Colors, shapes and details – customized to your needs

The brand Bosis has been creating unique garments since 2010 which make your everydays a bit more fun and comfy. Each piece of their seasonal collections is made with care and passion in their own studio, and they also create custom-made pieces based on your own ideas, which will surely not come across the street. On these darker days in November the new collection of Bosis will surely bring you some sunshine. Lots of fun and colorful pieces: jumpers, dresses, jackets which not only look good but keep you warm too. A great choice for layered clothing, outdoor programs and for sportlovers.

Stories, tales, secrets and dreams

Mellow is a Slovakian brand that creates printed pillows and other textile accessories. The illustrations of graphic designer Adrian Macho turn these pieces into real unique items which are still functional and fun to use as well. All of their products are made in Slovakia in their own workshop out of materials supplied from the neighbouring countries, and they also own the ECO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate, that guarantees that their products are only made of eco-friendly materials.

Back to the Nature

Viaplant is a newly developed, versatile plant-based material with patent licence, that can be used for making various design objects. This innovative material revives the use of urban flora with recycled techniques. The brand uses plant parts, leaves and blossoms with a renewal cycle of one year or shorter than that. Due to the special procedure the plants preserve their original colour and natural character. The careful selection of the plants results in a unique and creative covering material which combines nature and design.

The audio-technical products of LSTN Hungary are made of genuine timber, aluminium and vegan leather. Their items are not only consumer electronics but also work as fashion accessories. LSTN also aids charity work with each of their sold items worldwide by supporting hearing impaired people together with Starkey Hearing Trust.

'Designer of the Month' in November: Kontur Fashion

Réka Kontur graduated at the Hungarian University of Art and Design. She creates leather bag- and accessories collections. Her seasonal ethno-inspired collections are made with special leather artist techniques. Her fine leather accessories are characterised by two different lines: the handmade leather products- bags, neckpieces, armbands and earrings - decorated with the variations of the same motif, and a clear, rather minimalistic spin and shredded jewellery and bag collection.

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