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Third phase of the noise protection program to start in November

02 November 2023

2 November 2023. As of 2 November, the noise protection program of the For the Neighbors of Budapest Airport Foundation, launched in 2022, will continue with the third phase, under which residents of certain areas of Districts X, XVII and XVIII of Budapest, as well as Vecsés and Üllő, can apply for the retrofit insulation or replacement of doors and windows in their living and resting rooms, and the installation of ventilators in bedrooms, free of charge.

    The program was so successful in the first two phases that most of the initial budget assigned was used up, along with the impact of high inflation. However, in order to continue the noise abatement program as planned, the owners of Budapest Airport have decided to increase the budget, to ensure that the additional phases can be implemented too, as originally promised.

    The largest ever noise protection program of all time, offering the highest number of services, launched in 2022 by the For the Neighbors of Budapest Airport Foundation with the support of the airport operator, will continue with the inclusion of new areas in Districts X, XVII and XVIII of Budapest, as well as Vecsés and Üllő, covering a total of 4000 properties. In order to ensure that the program and the newly included areas are tailored to the needs of the residents, Budapest Airport initiated a detailed consultation with the mayors of the districts and settlements concerned at the beginning of 2022, during which the parties agreed on the details of the program.

    The noise protection program is being implemented in phases, over a period of three years. After the completion of the second phase, the high number of participants, along with high inflation and other economic effects, have exhausted the pre-defined budget, but Budapest Airport considers it essential that Ferenc Liszt International Airport should develop further together with the surrounding districts and settlements, and it thus pays special attention to the quality of life of local residents. Therefore, the owners of the company decided to increase the budget, in order to ensure that the original commitment is met.

    Budapest Airport will inform the owners of the residential properties included in the third phase of the program about the details and the application procedure by mail, at the beginning of November. Interested parties can apply for the program by mail or electronically, and can find more details and frequently asked questions here. The program is open to all property owners who own a residential property in the designated area and meet the eligibility criteria.

As a responsible company, Budapest Airport has been a stable partner in the lives of local residents for many years. The services available under the program include additional retrofit window insulation, window replacement, roller shutter casing insulation, and installation of ventilation equipment.

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