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Hotel of tomorrow opens today in Budapest

05 March 2018

By Réka Alíz Francisck

After two years of IT development and construction work, the first hotel in Europe (4 star) controlled by guest smartphones, has opened in Budapest.  The 40 rooms of the 4-star KViHotel, controlled by the TMRW Hotels application, uses the most innovative solutions of the 21st century; the TMRW Hotels smartphone application literally puts everything in the hands of the guests, from booking to checkout. The software solution can be used in other hotels too, new lodgings or those already in operation.

Based on the latest travel trends and expectations of the future, the hotel offers travelers of the future an unparalleled hotel experience. KViHotel (Key Vision, derived from “Vision for the Future”) located at Nyár utca 32 in District 7, operates with limited staff by using the TMRW Hotels application; nearly all functions are managed by the guests themselves with their own smartphone. This is a unique solution on the continent, for leisure and business travelers.

Digital solutions for the entire trip

Thanks to the TMRW Hotels mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices, hotel guests have access to practically every hotel service at their fingertips: they can book rooms and can check in without delays, even 48 hours before arrival, by selecting the floor and the room. Via a Bluetooth connection the phone is also the room key, and in the event of a late arrival, guests’ phones can even open the main entrance of the hotel.

Using the TMRW application hotel guests are in control of the cooling/heating – among other things – and may set the desired temperature of the room for their arrival time, even from 10,000 km away. Additional cleaning can also be requested through the TMRW Hotels application, and “Please do not disturb” signs can even be virtually displayed. Guests can pay through the application, order a taxi, and monitor the payment process as well. Guests can check out with their phone too; no queuing is necessary and the bill can be settled with the help of the application. Payment by bank card (and shortly by PayPal) is equally secure and convenient, and the bill is naturally sent online to the email address provided. For all these activities, guests can make use of free broadband WiFi all over the hotel, and help is provided for use of the application in the form of texts and videos.

The TMRW Hotels app means the TMRW virtual customer service is available round the clock, no matter where the customer is: the hotel’s dispatch service is available on any platform (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, etc.) but guests can ask for guidance or advice even over the phone. If required by local rules (which can optionally be set by the hotel) the application asks for personal data, a scanned version of passports or other personal ID, and the e-signature of the guest at the time of check-in. This information is stored, in line with the strict data protection rules.

The TMRW application really simplifies and optimizes housekeeping tasks: the duty list of the housemaids is organized by the TMRW HK application installed on employee smartphones; the system assigns the housekeeping tasks according to an algorithm prepared in advance. Thus, the smartphone assigning the tasks is also a work tool. The TMRW HK application prepares the list of duties for the maids taking priorities into account, and continuously notifies the staff about changes.

The interior design of KViHotel, which is the first to use the TMRW Hotels application and targets intensive users of digital devices, evokes the latest trends. Anthracite grey and yellow as well as blue and green color combinations dominate in the rooms. Three types of accommodation units ranging from 18 to 36 square meters can be booked: superior, deluxe and junior suite. A unique decor feature of the rooms is the triple-layered glass wall insert, creating a youthful atmosphere with its special illumination. The three rooms on the ground floor have terraces facing the cortile garden. The wall painting decorating the back yard facade of the hotel is well visible from the terrace; the painting holds another digital trick: by directing a smartphone camera towards it, and viewing it through the LARA AR application, the wall painting comes to life, and with the help of the video displayed it explains the use of the TMRW Hotels application.

Guests can consume flavored mineral water and snacks free of charge from the minibars in the rooms, and the junior suite also offers a coffee machine that can be used gratuitously. Every room is equipped with a smart TV on which guests can listen to their favorite music or watch videos, movies or series as they wish, besides traditional TV channels. Breakfast is served in the ground-floor breakfast area of KViHotel; the ample and quality range exceeds what is expected of a 4-star hotel: fresh bakery products, cold cuts, egg dishes, cheese, fish and energizing light food are offered alongside excellent coffees and teas. The lobby bar in the ground floor awaits guests with refreshments, Hungarian wines and craft beer between 8 in the morning and midnight, but this area is also suitable for activities and organized tastings. Relaxing in comfort, in one of the most bustling districts of Budapest, is guaranteed thanks to the nearness of a quiet park and the excellent sound insulation.

Efficient operation and green solutions

The developer of the TMRW Hotels application and the investor behind KViHotel belong to the same Group, so all subsequent versions of the TMRW applications will be prepared based on first-hand experience. The name of the hotel (Key Vision) also reflects the “Vision for the Future” attitude. Owing to the cost-efficient investment and operation (the hotel employs a maximum of 15 people) the guests of KViHotel can enjoy greater comfort and a unique experience for an average Budapest hotel room rate. Extensive digitalization means the use of paper is practically reduced to zero, so no in-house printing facilities are necessary.

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