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New autumn event series puts the spotlight on Bikavér in Eger

28 September 2022

The most important wine of the Eger wine region is the Eger Bikavér. In 2022, a new era will begin with the renewal of the event named after the Eger region's flagship wine.

The Eger Bikavér Festival will take place from 18 to 29 October. The six separate events will showcase the unique character and high quality of the wine at several venues in Eger, from restaurant experiences to gala dinners and walk-around tastings.

It is of utmost importance for local winemakers to highlight the most important community wine of the region. The autumn period, with the summer heatwave gone, is a good time to taste elegant, full-bodied red wines, which is why the Eger Bikavér Festival event series is timed for this time of year.
In the autumn, the weather conditions allow the focus to shift to indoor events. The organisers see this as an advantage, as it will allow them to present this regional wine, which is gaining in prestige both at home and internationally, in an innovative and unique series of events that will further build its reputation.
The exact time frame was set by the history of Eger, the heart of the wine region. The start, 18 October The Eger Bikavér Day is linked to the decisive event when the Ottomans abandoned the siege of Eger Castle in 1552 and retreated from Eger. The last day is the eve of the 100th anniversary of the death of Géza Gárdonyi. In the framework of the Gárdonyi 100 programme, the city will pay special attention to the writer of the Eclipse of the Crescent Moon in 2022.

What events can we expect?

The series of events will kick off with the Eger Bikavér Day on 18 October, when local winemakers will celebrate the day by walling up bottles of Eger Bikavér in the Eger Castle and then toasting the wine lovers at 15:52, a symbolic time commemorating the siege of 1552.
The Eger Bikavér Wine Gastronomy Days will start on the same day, 18 October, and run until 29 October, during which guests can taste special dishes paired with Bikavérs in local restaurants.
On 21 October, at the Eger Bikavér Gala Evening, Bistro Macok will serve dishes paired with Bikavérs and the Eger Bikavér Awards will be presented.
On 22 October, two major events will take place in simultaneously. The Eger Bikavér Wine Tour in the Szépasszony Valley will start in the morning and run until the evening. The cellars of the city's charming wine district will offer visitors a themed programme. And the Great Eger Wine Tasting - Eger Bikavér En Primeur, a walk-around tasting, will offer an insight into the promising 2021 vintage before it’s introduced on the market.
The Eger Bikavér Grand Tasting will be the highlight of the event series. The tasting will take place in the Líceum's Ceremonial Hall and will feature a personal presentation by local winemakers of their finest Bikavérs.

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