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The renovated Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar brings a new trend to Budapest's bar culture with sustainable cocktails and zero-waste foods

23 March 2024

Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar, situated on the 9th floor of the Budapest Marriott Hotel on the Danube promenade, unveils its innovative approach to rooftop indulgence with the introduction of sustainable cocktails and zero-waste food options.

    As sustainability takes center stage in the daily life of the Budapest Marriott Hotel, Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar embraces the challenge by reimagining the cocktail experience further. From farm-to-glass creations crafted with locally sourced, organic ingredients to innovative techniques that minimize waste, each sip is a celebration of sustainability. From root-to-stem dishes to creative repurposing techniques, every bite at Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar embodies our commitment to sustainability without compromising on flavor or quality.

    "We were thrilled to launch our sustainable cocktail and zero-waste food concept, demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship and culinary innovation," said Edina Lányi- Biró, PR & Marketing Manager of the Budapest Marriott Hotel. At Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar, we believe that sustainability and indulgence can harmoniously coexist, offering our guests an elevated experience that is as mindful as it is memorable.

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