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Museum May Fest Again at the Hungarian National Museum

26 March 2024

The Hungarian National Museum (MNM) will organize the May fest of Museums for the 27th time, on May 25-26.

    The professional programs and workshops of the country's largest museum event are in the spirit of the motto of ICOM, the International Council of Museums – Museums for Education and Research.

    In addition to the professional presentations, the weekend will feature colorful programs, concerts, craft fairs and a festival atmosphere for families and visitors. Domestic and cross-border museums can register for the event until April 8.

    This year's event will focus on themes that connect museums: traditions, customs and heritage. In the old tradition, museums will have their own stands in the Museum Garden and in the inner courtyard of the institution.

    Museums participating in the event will also have the opportunity to register for the Artifact Spectrum, in the spirit of recycling, transformation and sustainability. The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of the versatility of museum artefacts and the importance of research. Each participating institution can apply with a collection or a collection of objects of its choice. The submitted material will be used to create a banners/tablets exhibition/installation to be displayed in the Museum Garden during the two days of the May fest.

    The Knowledge Walk will be held again this year, where visitors can walk along the route between the museum tents with the help of a score booklet and test their knowledge at the stands.

    The museums will also be hosting other activities for adults, children and families in their own tents.

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