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New restaurant of Michelin-star chef István Pesti opens in Tata

19 May 2021

After two years of continuous work, the new restaurant of István Pesti, the Michelin-star chef has opened in Tata, Hungary. The Platán Gourmet Restaurant awaits guests with a fine dining profile that corresponds with the beautiful setting, the traditions of Hungarian cuisine, and the heritage of the noble Esterházy family.

István Pesti has led the Platán Restaurant since 2015. His goal has been always to show that high-level gastronomy isn’t just for Budapest. The restaurant, located in Tata, 60 kilometers from the capital, between the Tata Castle and the Esterházy Castle, next to the Old Lake, became successful in a short time under István Pesti’s management. He changed the whole profile and gastronomical concept. Last summer the family’s favorite Platán Bistro was opened, while the new Platán Gourmet opens this May, with a specially designed interior by Zoltán Varró. The place’s design denotes the onetime garden of the Esterházy family from 1783. The restaurant offers outstanding fine dining dishes created from seasonal ingredients, and also personalized meals for those requiring special diets. All the ingredients are of premium quality and salutes the heritage of the Esterházy family and the history of Hungary.

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