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Glitzy Glamour - A Taste of Hollywood at the High Note SkyBar

08 October 2018

The Aria Hotel Budapest’s High Note SkyBar welcomes guests with a special theme menu inspired by the biggest American blockbusters.

Following months of brainstorming, Chef Gergely Kövér, Pastry Chef Zsuzsanna Szabó and Bar Managers Richárd Mihály and Péter Gózon have come up with a unique idea, never seen before in Budapest: they have adapted several iconic movies into their menu of eight cocktails, six main dishes and two desserts. The dishes and cocktails represent Hollywood movies with a hint of experimentation regarding the ingredients. Named ‘The White Mexican’, a winter-style cocktail is created for those who love cinnamon and nutmeg, reminiscent of the legendary White Russian drunk in The Big Lebowski. The drink is served in a glass that literally wears a dressing gown, while ‘French 7.5’, a champagne cocktail inspired by Casablanca, is served in a special glass pierced with a real bullet. The duck foie gras suggests James Bond’s Goldfinger, while the rosé duck breasts come in a blood orange and beetroot bath as a reminder of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. In the extraordinary milieu designed by Zoltán Varró, guests are encouraged to ‘take action’ and prepare their own dessert from ingredients they receive in test-tubes and a fuming cauldron - inspired by the Harry Potter movies.

More to experience

The hotel offers a weekly screening in the Teatro Aria, which takes place every Tuesday. A list of the movies can be found on the hotel’s FB page.

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