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Food Truck Show Budapest 2017

04 May 2017

The best May Festival of all time is being organized by the Food Truck Show and Kincsem Park from May 5th to 7th. Family programs will be the focus of this year’s show. Among other things, the children will be welcomed by a giant Carousel, a Petting Zoo and a mini version of Hungaroring, while at the same time, the greyhound and horse races will continue on the Kincsem race track throughout the weekend. Guests can arrive to the park in a yellow American school bus and there will be 50 food trucks with a great variety of gastronomic delights to tempt visitors.

This year, Kincsem Park will bring back last year’s favorite activity- one of the largest carousel swings in the country, but there will also be face painting, a petting zoo and pony rides. The event builds on the Hungaroring mini ring and families can try out the logical games of the Magic Box. During the weekend, greyhound and horse races will follow each other, and in the evenings, the festival will close with concerts and the screening of Food Truck movies.
The specialty of this year's Food Truck Show is that besides street foods, various types of street entertainment will also appear, thanks to the Street Art Show initiative. Just as you can vote for the best street food truck, you can also vote for the most spectacular street artist. The winner will receive a handsome monetary award.
During the weekend of the Food Truck Show, a yellow American school bus will run between Kincsem Park and Deák tér all day so you can travel to the festival for free. From the Pillangó Street stop of Metro Line 2, a small train will take you to the entrance.
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