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En Primeur Bikavér tasting in Eger

05 October 2022

2021 proved to be a vintage of extraordinary quality in the Eger wine region. On 22 October, for the first time in Eger a tasting will be held to showcase the wines of this year. At this special event wine lovers and experts will get the chance to taste the wines before release, in many cases as barrel samples, and find out what the top Eger Bikavérs will be made of.

Bikavér is the most important wine of the region. In 2022, a new era will begin as the wine region presents the event named after the flagship wine of the Eger region in a renewed format. The Egri Bikavér Celebration Days will take place from 18 to 29 October. The six separate events will showcase the unique character and high quality of the wine at several venues in Eger, ranging from restaurant experiences to gala dinners and walk-around tastings.
An important event of the series will be the Great Eger Wine Workshop Tasting on 22 October, which this year will be called Eger Bikavér En Primeur. The name refers to the practice in France of tasting fine wines as barrel samples before they are released for sale. At the event, the eleven wineries of Eger Wine Workshop will be joined by several wineries from the wine region to present their 2021 superior and grand superior Eger Bikavérs, which are yet to be officially released, alongside the previous vintage currently on the market.
Besides the walk-around tasting, the three thematic masterclasses offer extra excitement  compared to the usual wine masterclasses by integrating gastronomy in the programme. The aim of the three lectures is to explore the gastronomic potential of Eger Bikavér and to find the best possible food pairings. To this end, guests will be able to taste three dishes at each presentation, each of which will be paired with two glasses of bikavér, so that participants can decide individually which wine they prefer with which dish.  
The three themed wine courses are accompanied by unique dishes created by the chef of the Macok Bistro in Eger, János Macsinka, who has recently won the prestigeous Gundel Prize. Wines from the latest vintage of bikavérs currently on the market are accompanied by a selection of the world's favourite dishes, including goose rilette, mini Angus burgers and charcoal cheese. The mature wines will be paired with local bistro classics: blood sausage, beef cheek and duck breast. And the grand superior bottles will be served with game dishes: venison tartare, saddle of mouflon with cranberries and game pâté.

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