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Hungarian Tastes Fall Fair

07 September 2017

It's time to fill up the pantry and larder this weekend. Discover the myriad of local gourmet delicacies on exhibit at the Hungarian Tastes Fall Fair at the Castle Garden Bazaar September 9th and 10th.

Autumn has arrived once again and during these impending cold months, it is a daily challenge to ensure that the healthy and delicious foods you serve are from fresh, reliable sources.


The Fall Fair of Hungarian Tastes, featuring some 70 small-scale, artisanal products, offers a solution to this. There will be a wide selection of homemade cheese and dairy products, jams, vegetable spreads, mushroom-based products, honey, reform sweets (without gluten or sugar), pastas, spices and meat and fish products, from which a varied menu can be developed to please all your family members. There will be real fruit syrups available for the little ones and adults will be able to choose from the best wines, or even honey wine specialties.

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