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The Wild Wild West comes alive

25 July 2017

Cirque Éloize: Saloon- a Western musical, circus adventure premiering August 4th and 5th at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage.

America is under construction. The West is booming. The railroad is being developed. In the middle of the desert, a town comes to life. A saloon opens its doors. A place to gather and share tales, it quickly becomes a theatre for stories of all kinds.

Thrust open the doors of the saloon and let the country folk music and the spectacular sights enthrall you! Bringing its brand new performance to Budapest to amaze the young and the old, the world famous Canadian circus theatre Cirque Éloize is on stage for the first time on the Margaret Island. Melodies of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline set the tune for the acrobatic crime story, bringing the ferocity of the infamous Wild Wild West to life. Theatre and circus collide with stunning intensity in the legendary world of the musical comedy, presenting original choreographies, a lot of humour and spectacular action.
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