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Glamping 6.0

22 May 2019

Add a dose of glamour to your outdoor stay and choose a stylish and luxurious way to camp out. Head to Noszvaj on May 26 for culinary and cultural delights, and to find harmony and peace.

It was the Nomád Hotel & Campsite that introduced glamping to the Hungarian audiance in 2013, and ever since the establishment welcomes a growing number of visitors in its beautiful garden.

Venue: Noszvaj 3325, near Eger and the Bükki National Park, Síkfőkút utca 5–7.
Date: May 26, 12.00–18.00
: glamour camping
Life: slow
Dress code: casual but stylish picnic
Food supply: Rosinante (Szigetmonostor), Palkonyha (Villány), Babka (Budapest), Macok Bisztró (Eger) and Anyukám Mondta (Encs), plus Kudo (for dogs)
Wine: Jani Bolyki and Nimród Kovács
Registration: the program is free, but you are encouraged to registrate via the hotel's website. Do not forget to bring a blanket!

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