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Night of the Museums

24 June 2023

The 21st Night of the Museums awaits visitors in Hungary from Saturday afternoon to Sunday dawn with more than 2,700 programs in some 450 institutions across the country, including exhibitions, guided tours, concerts, interactive games, theatre and dance performances and children's programs.

At the national opening of the event, held at the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest, it was announced that this year's event will be based around the slogan "We are in the Trend." It seeks answers to questions such as which are the eternal trends, which ones are short-lived or long-lived and whether there are eternal trends. Almost 380 thematic programs will be organized in the participating institutions to promote the message that going to the museum should be trendy.

As well as being the biggest cultural event in the country, it is also the most popular. Last year, almost 330,000 admissions were registered in total across the country by the participating museums. institutions. He said they expect this number to increase this year. In addition to the exhibitions, the venues are also preparing accompanying programs of music, dance and theater.

The Hungarian Agricultural Museum, for example, will focus on traditional Indian dances, while several venues, such as the Petőfi Literary Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, will host jazz concerts. More than 480 children's programs will add to the museum experience, and almost 90 gastronomic events will complete the offer.

The organizers also pay tribute to the 120th anniversary of the birth of internationally renowned Hungarian mathematician János Neumann with a series of events.

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