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New image for the Eger wine region

14 July 2021

Many people consider 2021 as the year of starting over again. This is particularly true for the Eger wine region, as it is about to present its new image to wine lovers and wine professionals alike. From now on the design which is partly modern, partly classic is going to represent the whole community of the wine region.

Preparations for the new look began quite some time ago following a decision by the Eger Regional Wine Committee and the winemakers delegated by the local wineries to work on an up-to-date and unified image. The members asked Géza Ipacs to come up with plans for the new image of the wine region.
„I can’t even imagine what it would be like for someone who is not living in Eger to work on this design. As for me, knowing the wine region first hand was of immense help. For the last 20 years I’ve been in the right position to follow all the strategic dilemmas local winemakers had to face and without this insight the result would surely have been something different. The creation of an image of this kind involves taking a conceptual stand regarding the values the wine region focuses on and which are faithfully represented by it”, recalls the designer the creative process.
The logo is both classic and modern in terms of style. The overall impression is that of solemnity and majesty. It is made up of two halves, one shows the Eger inscription and the „1000 years of passion” slogan, referring to the wine region’s millenium long past thus establishing a historical context. The other shows an icon depicting a winged bull. First and foremost this is an allusion to egri bikavér which has long been associated with the Eger and is the emblematic wine of the region. However the bull image is unusual inasmuch the bull has wings which in turn connects it to ancient myths.
It was an important goal to come up with a design which is not only suitable to be official used by regional authorities but also to propagate various events for the general public. Regional community work has started and is making progress, and this is aptly represented by the common image.
„We reckoned that the time has come to join our forces – not only for winemakers but for all active players in the wine region. The unexpected challenges we had to face recently forced us to reconsider many things and to make a new start. We were guided by a big survey which showed us where changes had to be implemented and the areas where we had to improve. Egri bikavér will remain our main focus, but we also need to show the diversity of Eger. We have to communicate light whites and rosés, but also single vineyard wines of real stature. We also have to place more emphasis on local events. All these efforts will be aided by the new unified image”, says winemaker Gergely Soltész about the foundations of the concept.

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