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2021 Best of Budapest & Hungary awards in categories of Gastro Entrepeneur and Helping Hands

22 April 2021

Tourism and hospitality had been decimated  by COVID-19 restrictions, however, talented entrepeneurs in the industry faught to keep  their companies alive, while a huge part of the industry found motivation in charity and CSR services. This is why Best of Budapest & Hungary decided to keep only 2 categories for this year’s award.

In category of Gastro Entrepeneur of the Year, Best of Budapest & Hungary award went to Attila Hegyi. Just after it became clear that the industry will face strict restrictions and all the public events will be cancelled, the owner of Pasztell Restaurant and Albatros Party Service kept himself closed up at home for 3 days. However, afte a few days he reacted quickly and changed his business model to food delivery. He was able to retain his employees during the COVID-19 era, while he also managed to organise some charity actions. Now he delivers food from Pasztell Restaurant and started to welcome guests again.

Helping Hands is a newborn category of the Best of Budapest & Hungary award. This prize highlights achievements representing the most powerful CSR stories of the industry, involving as many people as is possible. This is why the very first award of Best of Budapest & Hungary’s Helping Hands category goes to HotelHero. This CSR activity called all the hotels in Hungary to help people in need with clothes, cleaning and meals support. A significant number of hotels joined in the activity. Just to mention some of them, Accor Pannónia Hotels Zrt., Meininger Budapest Great Hall, Budapest Marriott Hotel and Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest all served delicious food to those in need. Dóra Anek (Director of Sales & Residence, Mamaison Hotels & Residences), Ildikó Dudás (Public Relations Director, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest) and Kitti Zsiros-Varga (PR & Marketing Manager, Zeina Hotels) were there to represent the community of HotelHero awarded by Best of Budapest & Hungary in 2021.

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