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Heineken Hungária Removes PET Bottles from Portfolio

07 April 2021

Heineken Hungária was the first large-scale brewery to withdraw PET bottle products from its portfolio in the name of sustainability. It says that as an environmentally conscious company, it has been using and marketing exclusively glass, barrel and endlessly recyclable aluminum can products in its portfolio this year.

Heineken Hungária is renewing one of its leading premium brands with a significant commitment and a big step towards sustainability. As of this year, the Gösser and Gösser Natur Zitrone radlers will np longer be packaged in PET bottles, which will releave the environment from nearly 200 tons of plastic per year.

In addition to the type of packaging, the design and brand are also being renewed, and the offerings are also changing in the Gösser portfolio.

The Gösser Natur Zitrone 2% Lemon product, which was introduced the radler category in Hungary in 2009, and its non-alcoholic siblings will be on the shelves under the umbrella of Gösser from this season, i.e. under the name Gösser. In addition to the well-known Lemon and Mango-lemon flavors, the Cranberry-Lemon Flavor is also introduced, which combines the freshness of lemon and the refreshing astringency of blueberry berries. Always keeping in mind the quality requirements, the manufacturer uses only natural ingredients for the flavors.

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