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Performances with English subtitles at Vígszínház from March

04 March 2024

From March, four highly successful shows, The Great Dictator, The Great Gatsby, Cabaret and The Seagull can be seen with English subtitles at the Vígszínház theater in Budapest. Stage adaptations of internationally well-known titles promise an exciting experience for foreigners living in Hungary and tourists visiting this country, the theater says in a statement.

    From March, four shows can be seen with English subtitles at Vígszínház. Charlie Chaplin's most influential work, The Great Dictator can be viewed with Attila Vidnyánszky Jr. in the main role. In the dual role of the little barber and the big dictator, the deeply humanistic work is sometimes mercilessly sarcastic, and sometimes it relieves our anxiety with the tools of clown jokes.

     The characters of the cult novel The Great Gatsby come to life on the stage of Vígszínház. Gatsby, a dandy boy with a mysterious past, creates a luxurious world around himself to win back the great love of his life, Daisy. We invite our audience here, to this world full of luxury, turbulence and despair, which is driven by a single, endless question: where are you?

    The world-famous musical Cabaret by Joe Masteroff, John Kander and Fred Ebb takes the audience into the Berlin night of the 1930s. Into the realm of intoxication, undisguised desires and boundless passions. However, history casts a dark shadow over the events, terror and inhumanity creep into people's everyday lives almost imperceptibly. The spectacular musical production, full of popular hits is directed by Attila Béres at Vígszínház.

    Chekhov's The Seagull is one of the greatest works of dramatic literature. A real masterpiece, an irregular comedy that is considered to be the writer's most personal confession. It contains all the pain of unrequited love, the endless love of the theater, the eternal search for happiness, the struggle against loneliness and mediocrity. At the Vígszínház, Chekhov's masterpiece can be seen in David Doiasvili's direction featuring exciting solutions.

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