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Kovács Nimród Winery is out with two new wines dedicated for the youth

09 June 2021

Dedicated especially (but not only) for a younger generation, Kovács Nimród Winery presents two new wines from the beautiful hills of Eger. The new Chardonnay and the Merlot are produced on „Grand Superior” terroirs. Nimród Kovács and his team researched the needs of consumers in their 20’s and 30’s for a long time. In doing so, they realized a need for good quality wines at affordable prices. Wines that young people can enjoy at social events, a dinner or give as a special present.

Best of Budapest & Hungary: You target a younger generation with both of your new wines.  What did you learn about the special needs of this generation with reference to wines and drinks?

Nimród Kovács: There is definitely a change of generations in drinking habits. We were born in a baby boom-generation after World War II and now as retired people we can afford the highest quality wines thanks to our financial conditions. This is why we are the most enthusiastic generation in consuming premium quality wines. However, there’s a new generation following us. They currently do not have the same financial circumstances we have, but they are curious, and have a wider range of experiences about different kinds of drinks. They still have the need for a good quality. For them, the price has to be affordable. We offer our Merlot and Chardonnay, both from premium quality grapes and vineyards, directly to this generation.

Why did you choose Merlot and Chardonnay to mesmerize younger costumers and what characteristics do these two wines have?  

Nimród Kovács: They both have a fruity, fresh taste. During the processing, the Chardonnay isn’t in barrels at all, while the Merlot is kept there just for a short time. So, it doesn’t take too long to finish these products while they offer a fresher taste than our older wines. Both of these species are grown in our own vineyards, so we don’t have to buy the grapes from somewhere else. Chardonnay is very popular in the whole world, with a diverse personality determined by the processing technique and the terroir. The Merlot is one of those French varietals what is easy to grow in Eger, too – not like the Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc for example.

Both of the wines are coming from your Nyilasmár and Nagyfai terroirs. Why are these so special?

Nimród Kovács: They have a special microclimate due to Lake Bogács, a nice south-southwestern exposure and a nutritious volcanic, granite-tuff soil, while the vineyards on Nagy-Eged-hill are growing on a ground rich in limestone. All our terroirs (Nyilasmár, Nagyfai, Nagy-Eged) were chosen Grand Superior terroirs in Eger.

People may have a general point of view or a typical base of knowledge about the Eger wine region. How do your two new wines reflect to these ideas?

Nimród Kovács: Eger is similar to the French Burgundy wine region. It has a cool climate, ideal for species like the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Merlot. However, people in general know just a few basic things about the Eger wine region. Everyone knows Egri Bikavér (a histrocial cuvée of the region), however, this one represents a traditional style of wines which does not always attract young people. I think it would be a great improvement for the region if they came out with some fresher, fruity products.

You are always ready to start new chapters in your winery. How did you survive the COVID era?

Nimród Kovács: It was difficult for us as well, as most of our clients are from the United States. However, the wines they tasted and wanted to buy, they could order online directly to their homes in the US. We really hope that life begins to turn back to normal soon and people will have the courage to travel again, of course with the greatest safety.

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