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3rd Annual Bread Festival, August 20th

| August 17, 2017
3rd Annual Bread Festival, August 20th
The Spirit of Bread Festival is an annual large-scale family event, which brings together home-baking Moms, Dads, Michelin-star chefs, winemakers, gourmet food bloggers, and the crowds of happy onlookers.

Festival of Folk Arts, August 17-20

| August 16, 2017
Festival of Folk Arts, August 17-20
The Buda Palace area is home to one of the most prestigious events every summer in the capital. This colorful 4-day arts and crafts festival is worthwhile attending for all ages.

All night Jazz at Palace of Arts

| August 16, 2017
All night Jazz at Palace of Arts
Every August 20th since it first opened, the Palace of Arts in Budapest has celebrated Hungary's national holiday - as well as their upcoming concert season - with lively jazz music.

The Country’s Winning Cakes

| August 14, 2017
The Country’s Winning Cakes
There are many traditional programs that have always been linked to August 20th and in recent years, new contemporary events connected to the National Day include the awarding of the Top Cake and Sugar-free Cake of Hungary.
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Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

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British Lidl launches a range of Hungarian Wines

Source: Wine Portal | August 11, 2017
British Lidl launches a range of Hungarian Wines
According to Lidl UK, the sale of Hungarian wines is higher than ever, so thanks to this increasing popularity, 15 Hungarian wines were put on offer by British Lidl.

Vodka Festival

| August 10, 2017
Vodka Festival
For anyone who likes vodka, this event in Budapest is the place for you. At this multi-day event, everyone can indulge in their passion for vodka, as tastings will be continuous all throughout the event.

Celebration of Wine and Bread

| August 9, 2017
Celebration of Wine and Bread
The Wine and Bread Celebration, which is usually organized around the 20th of August, is traditionally one of the biggest tourism events in the region and definitely the largest summer festival in Siófok.

Wine Weeks in Balatonfüred

| August 8, 2017
Wine Weeks in Balatonfüred
The delightful wines of the Balaton Uplands and more specifically of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region give rise to a worthy celebration each year in August- the Balatonfüred Wine Weeks.

Flower Carnival in Debrecen

| August 7, 2017
One of the most famous festivals in Hungary is the Debrecen Flower Carnival. From August 12th for twelve days, more than 50 programs will be entertaining visitors.

Royal Days International Folk Dance Festival

| August 4, 2017
This 10-day event organized around St. Stephen's Day is the most important event series of this historic capital.

Le Diner en Blanc in Budapest again

| August 1, 2017
Last year was the first time that this international, very mysterious dinner series was held in Budapest.

Balaton Open-air cinemas

BoB | July 28, 2017
What could be better than watching a movie outdoors beneath the stars on a warm, balmy summer night? These retro outdoor cinemas down at the Balaton are enjoying a renaissance these days.

Two Awards won by TAMA Restaurant

Translation: Agnes Weninger | July 26, 2017
Two awards have been won by the downtown Budapest Restaurant, TAMA at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards competition.

Szekszárd Wines at the Budapest Zoo

| July 12, 2017
Szekszárd winemakers in cooperation with the Budapest Zoo to add allure to the highly popular summer concerts. The chance to taste Szekszárd wines before the concerts adds an extra dimension to this summertime experience.

It's time to eat well while watching movies!

| July 11, 2017
Instead of Popcorn, street food is now available on Wednesdays at the Várkert Bazaar, where every week until the end of summer, the Food Truck Cinema revolves around the finest Hungarian art films.

The first new wave open-view brewery in Budapest!

| July 10, 2017
The first new wave, open-view brewery opens in the capital! In this 4th district brewery, guests will be able to taste unpasteurized, freshly brewed beer straight from the tanks.

Proof: Hárslevelű is an Exciting Variety

| July 6, 2017
The National Hárslevelű Wine Competition took place on Friday, June 23, 2017. Wines from numerous wine regions in several categories were nominated for the competition.

And the 2016 special awards go to...

BOB | March 29, 2017
The 24th Best of Budapest & Hungary Award Gala was held at the Budapest Marriott Hotel on March 25, to honor the individuals selected as the 2016 Special Award winners.

24th Best of Budapest & Hungary Award Gala

BOB | March 28, 2017
Read on to find out what happened at the 24th Best of Budapest & Hungary Award Gala was held at the Budapest Marriott Hotel on March 25, , and browse our photo gallery too!

The Best of Budapest & Hungary 2017 awards go to...

BOB | March 24, 2017
Based on more than online 10,000 votes, this year the Best of Budapest & Hungary prize are awarded in 46 categories to 211 service providers - the best of the domestic hospitality, hotel and further service industries.