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Head to the countryside this Easter!

BOB | April 15, 2014
Head to the countryside this Easter!
During this program, some of Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in and around Villány.

Szepsy, a rebel in Tokaj

Réka Alíz Francisck | April 9, 2014
Szepsy, a rebel in Tokaj
Founding member of the Mád Circle, István Szepsy is often called Mr. Tokaj. His wines sell at Selfridges&Co, Harvey Nichols and Heston Blumenthal's three Michelin-star restaurant, to mention the British market only.

The Story of the New York Palace and Anna Juhász

Annamária Riedl, TRANSLATION: Flóra Nagy | April 1, 2014
The Story of the New York Palace and Anna Juhász
Anna Juhász, daughter of Ferenc Juhász, one of the greatest Hungarian poets of our time, has an unusual relationship with the New York Palace: she spent most of her childhood here, today she organizes the Artist Box.
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Travel to the past by visiting the Kádár canteen, near the market hall of Klauzál Square, in the neighborhood of the Jewish district. This little eatery commemorates...
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Budapest Marriott Hotel

Budapest Marriott Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, on the bank of the Danube, just minutes away from attractions like the Chain Bridge, the Parliament or the Buda Castle, the Budapest...
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And the Best of awards go to...

Source: MTI | March 28, 2014
And the Best of awards go to...
This year the Best of Budapest & Hungary prize will be awarded in 58 categories by the professional jury to acknowledge the best of the domestic hospitality, hotel and further service industries.

3 Michelin stars for Budapest

BOB | March 17, 2014
3 Michelin stars for Budapest
Just recently, a third restaurant in Budapest won a Michelin star. Costes was the first in the city to receive such an accolade, and it has successfully retained its star once again, along with Onyx.

Master Chef Wang and his empire

BOB | March 13, 2014
Master Chef Wang and his empire
Master Chef Wang invites you to taste China! Visiting his prize-winning restaurant, ranked
among the 50 best eateries in Hungary, you may sample the traditional and truly authentic
Sichuan cuisine.

Rise to success: Vanda Szakács

Annamária Riedl, TRANSLATION: Flóra Nagy | March 11, 2014
Vanda Szakács moved to London without speaking a word of English. In Hungary she had attended a vocational secondary school for catering, and yet she had no idea what a Michelin star was. But she soon caught up.

Rise to success: Gergő Pernyez

Annamária Riedl, TRANSLATION: Flóra Nagy | March 4, 2014
Gergő Pernyez was a pizza delivery boy when he left Hungary to learn languages. He became a chef, and worked at some of the world’s best restaurants. Today he manages his own bistro in a small French town.

Valentine's Day Carnival

BOB | February 27, 2014
The Diplomacy and Trade Business Club has recently presented its annual Valentine's Day Gala, traditionally at Corinthia Hotel Budapest – this year, in a splendid carnival atmosphere!

Fuji achieves new heights

Francisck Réka Alíz | January 30, 2014
Tradition, quality and beauty - that is what you can expect from Budapest's Fuji restaurant that was recently restored for the great pleasure of those who are in love with authentic Japanese gourmet food.

Stereo Chef, already an iconic place

Annamária Riedl | January 15, 2014
Stereo Chef opened last October in the Old Buda Promenade offering a diverse menu and tailor-made cocktails in an unparalleled atmosphere thanks to the eclectic music tunes that play almost every evening.

Lou Lou reopens in Budapest

BOB | November 22, 2013
Restaurateur Károly Rudits reopened his French fine dining restaurant in Székely Mihány street, downtown Budapest, a few steps away from the Opera House. Welcome back, Lou Lou!

Curry House opens in Budapest

Réka Alíz Francisck | November 20, 2013
One country, more than 40 languages and some 1,600 dialects - India is very diverse. What unifies all Indian dishes is the spices, and one more thing: an Indian restaurant named Curry House, in Budapest.

Robinson, every day!

Réka Alíz Francisck | November 5, 2013
Do you happen to know what ’robinsonade’ is? It is a literary genre describing novels similar to Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Should I ever devote a whole book to restaurateur Árpád László that would surely be a robinsonade...

Corinthia Chic

Source: press release | October 30, 2013
Corinthia Hotel Budapest this year celebrates the 10th anniversary of its reopening. Part of the year-long celebration a fashion show was organized this week, presenting designer staff uniforms created by Tünde Hrivnák.

The Hungarian headwaiter of the French Mantel

Annamária Riedl | October 22, 2013
To be a headwaiter in Hungary is an honor. But in France, in a restaurant where Hollywood film stars give the handle to each other, it is the peak of a professional career. Gábor Sulyok achieved this in a few years.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest's new signature cake

BOB | October 8, 2013
The new Royal cake was just introduced Corinthia Hotel Budapest for its 10th anniversary. Key ingredients are Hungarian raspberry gelée, flour-free chocolate sponge and mousse. Yumm!

1st Best of Budapest & Hungary Gala outside Budapest

BOB | October 3, 2013
On September 29, the First Best of Budapest & Hungary Gala outside Budapest took place in Sárvár, at the Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa, with the region's best restaurants and wineries, for high spirits.

Destination Hungary Conference

BOB | October 3, 2013
Organized by Budapest Week Publishing, the ‘Destination Hungary’ tourism and hospitality conference took place for the first time at the Spirit Hotel in Sárvár, western Hungary on September 30.