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Benyovszky at the Margaret Island

Source: press release | August 4, 2015
Benyovszky at the Margaret Island
The Budapest Summer Festival presents a dance performance on August 14 at the Margaret Island Open-air Stage, about the adventurous and extraordinay life of Count Maurice Benyovszky.

Paloznak Jazz and Wine Picnic

Source: press release | July 29, 2015
Paloznak Jazz and Wine Picnic
There are very few of life’s pleasures that are as simple yet enjoyable as having a picnic at a beautiful spot. If you combine it with great music – it’s even better. Head to Paloznak on August 7-8!
Featured Restaurant
Wasabi Running Sushi & Wok Restaurant

Wasabi Running Sushi & Wok Restaurant

WASABI  is a unique chain of restaurants offering fine Asian dishes in a laid back atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxed way to explore the...
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Featured Accomodation
Continental Hotel Zara

Continental Hotel Zara

CONTINENTAL HOTEL BUDAPESTis the newest four star superior hotel located in the heart of Budapest’s city center. Reborn from the ashes of Hungária Spa and...
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Where and how to drink wine?

BOB | July 28, 2015
Where and how to drink wine?
We always knew that emotional associations affect the wine we taste. Wine doesn't just taste good because of its grape and vintage - it might also have something to do with the room where it is served.

Drink, and drink more

BOB | July 22, 2015
Drink, and drink more
Water is one of the most important nutrients for your body. Since two-thirds of the body is water—and we can’t survive more than a few days without it—staying hydrated makes sense.

An Estonian in Budapest, part 2.

Meribel Sinikalda | July 17, 2015
An Estonian in Budapest, part 2.
Not long ago we were lucky to have a number of foreign contributors. We asked them to share their thoughts on living in Budapest and also on Hungarian people in general. Find out what Meribel Sinikalda from Estonia has to say.

Tokaj wines to target U.S., China and UK

Source: press release | July 16, 2015
Tokaj wines to target U.S., China and UK
A strategic guidance designed to rejuvenate the Tokaj Wine Region was developed on the basis of a global survey and consultations with prominent players of the wine region, the Tokaj Wine Region Development Council announced.

Ooh La la

szabadter.hu | July 9, 2015
Budapest Summer Festival presents 'Ooh La La,' the Night Revue Circus at the Margaret Island Open-air Stage. The joint production of the Open-Air Theatre, Bor Productions and MACIVA is staged on July 30 - August 1.

Budapest Airport in the top league again

Source: press release | July 8, 2015
Budapest Airport has received the “highly commended” award at the ACI Europe (Airports Council International) annual conference and was ranked among the best three airports in Europe.

Business lunch etiquette

Source: theguardian.com | July 1, 2015
Far from expenses jollies, business lunches are often nerve-racking affairs full of hidden pitfalls. So how can you make a favorable impression rather than a faux pas? Read on to find out!

Vajdahunyadvár Summer Music Festival 2015

BOB | June 30, 2015
Enjoy a great selection of classical, gipsy music in the scenic setting of Vajdahunyad Castle (City Park). Also, find out more on the castle - did you know that the construction was first built of cardboard?

Prestige Hotel Budapest opens

Source: press release | June 24, 2015
Just recently, on June 17, the Prestige Hotel Budapest located in Vigyázó Ferenc Street formally opened its doors to the public. A Grand Opening Party was held to celebrate the event.

ÉS Deli Opens at Kempinski Corvinus

Source: press release | April 14, 2015
Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest, the gastro center located on the ground floor of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, welcomes its newest member: as of today, ÉS Deli is open.

And the Best of awards in 2015 go to...

BOB | March 24, 2015
This year the Best of Budapest & Hungary prize will be awarded in 59 categories, based on more than 9,000 votes, to acknowledge the best of the domestic hospitality, hotel and further service industries.

Season your life! - Seasons Wine Bistro

Francisck Réka Alíz | March 23, 2015
I've been to a newly opened restaurant that is conveniently located on the corner of Liszt Ferenc Square and Király Street, steps away from Andrássy Avenue. Above, you can read my first impressions.

Gastrofests differently

Francisck Réka Alíz | March 8, 2015
Let's take a look at international venues and see how far gastronomic adventurers would go to indulge their tastebuds. Following the list of bizarre restaurants, here’s the list of the most bizarre food fests.