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Francisck Réka Alíz | October 30, 2017
Pumpkin is delicious, healthy and versatile. Enjoy our favourite recipes for the autumn's most iconic vegetable. You can even use those, that will be languishing on the windowsill during your Halloween party.
BOB | October 25, 2017
Pumpkin is delicious, healthy and versatile - and it is in season. Enjoy our favourite recipes for the autumn's most iconic vegetable, and do not forget to save a few pumpkins for your Halloween party.
Réka A. Francisck | February 14, 2017
Spice things up this Valentine’s Day with all heart and no hassle, improving your aphrodisiacal arsenal in an easy way. Please note that our Editorial is not responsible for any increased libido.
Source: | December 13, 2016
Whether you are an experienced wine lover or a relative newcomer to the joys of the grape, there are many fun ways to improve your knowledge of wine. The best part? They all involve tasting.
Source: | July 1, 2015
Far from expenses jollies, business lunches are often nerve-racking affairs full of hidden pitfalls. So how can you make a favorable impression rather than a faux pas? Read on to find out!
Francisck Réka Alíz | March 8, 2015
Let's take a look at international venues and see how far gastronomic adventurers would go to indulge their tastebuds. Following the list of bizarre restaurants, here’s the list of the most bizarre food fests. | March 6, 2015
We reward innovation and creativity in gastronomy. Pairing specific, sometimes strange ingredients and using new techniques could be refreshing, but also obnoxious and... simply odd.
András Réz | September 29, 2014
Dezső Kellér, the Hungarian Humorist said: "The good side of visiting coffee houses is that when one sits there, he is not at home, but not at the fresh air either." Today is Coffee Day. Head to a café! | April 1, 2014
One Welsh farmer is feeding his cows beer to help them relax, and he even throws in the occasional massage. Beer and massage for Powys farmer's rare Wagyu cattle. Indulgence at it's best.
BJI - Source: | March 4, 2014
Music of Mozart, Haydn and Vivaldi sublimes the wines of Wiener musician, Markus Bachmann. The megaphones are built inside the barrels to make the wine taste even better. | January 9, 2013
The world's largest chocolate maker says it may have come up with a chocolate that could fight wrinkles and slow the ageing process. So, start eating chocolate for a long, healthy life!
Horizon | July 25, 2012
A survey conducted among foreigners visiting Hungary concerning what they liked best in the country revealed that one of the big hits was lángos or as they put it: langosch.
Horizon | July 12, 2012
Hungarians are extremely proud of a number of great things, such as Buda Castle or Lake Balaton, but smaller, hidden treasures can warm their hearts just as much. Spritzer is one of those.
Francisck Réka Alíz | July 4, 2012
Have you ever had that problem with ice cubes diluting your drinks? You need them because you want your drink to stay cold, especially in these sizzling hot summer days, but ice melts and makes your drink taste like crap. | July 2, 2012
Did you know that water is one of the most important nutrients for your body? Since 2/3 of the body is water, and we can’t survive more than a few days without it, staying hydrated makes sense.
Source: press release | June 4, 2012
Keeping healthy and eating well is of paramount importance to Nestlé. A group of four British experts, the ‘Team Whole Grain’ is calling for mums and kids to have some family fun in the kitchen.
BJI | May 21, 2012
We live in a world of fragrances, smells, odors, stinks. Although our receptors have weakened with civilization, our nose is still able to lead us: sometimes it protects us from bad decisions.
Source: press release | May 14, 2012
Chocolate is not just tasty but its wrappers can be useful as well. This idea guided Milka chocolate and TerraCycle, when they launched the new Milka Chocolate Brigade program.
BOB | April 16, 2012
What do you look for in a restaurant? Good food, attentive service and nice atmosphere?! Current trends indicate a total change of the catering sector. Read on and update your views!
BOB | March 6, 2012
Little and often fills the purse, says the proverb. It also applies for restaurant etiquette, as care and attention or the shortage of them have a strong effect. How to behave to deserve the ‘friendly guest’ title?
Source: | February 27, 2012
The burgermasters at McDonald’s French division have decided to give their cheeseburgers a serious makeover, proving that visiting a fast food restaurant can be a real culinary experience.
Trade magazine | February 2, 2012
Nostalgia, straw, interactivity: these are the keywords of today’s dessert trends. Read on and see how to get something, not only delicious but also fashionable after a good meal.
BOB | January 13, 2012
Vegetarianism does not only mean that we say NO to meat - it is a lifestyle. Whether it is an own decision or a must, it doesn't matter. Vegetarian meals should make it on the menus.
Source: | January 10, 2012
An American company is transforming containers into sun-free, soil-free greenhouses. Leaf lettuce from their test system shows they've got dark-green thumbs, and that the system works. | January 4, 2012
Saving the planet one plateful at a time does not mean cutting back on meat, according to new research: the trick may be to switch our diet to insects and other creepy-crawlies.
Source: | November 29, 2011
It has been banned by airlines as an offensive weapon, its smells like a gas leak and it is Swedish schoolchildren's favourite way to cause classroom chaos. Yet thousands of Swedes regard it as a culinary delicacy.
Source: press release | November 28, 2011
It is a mistake to believe, that only adults are able to cook. With help of the book, written by nursery-school leader Tünde Ugrai-Nagy, even the youngest ones can explore gastronomy.
Réka A. Francisck | November 4, 2011
In Hungary the St Martin Day traditions draw back to several centuries. In the Middle Ages Martin Day was one of the most popular festivals while today the Martin Day goose has its renaissance.
Francisck Réka Alíz | September 15, 2011
The first university devoted to the principles of the Slow Food movement (against fast food, naturally) is about to educate a new generation who are food experts in every sense, to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

M. Tóth Enikő | November 30, 2010
Glass eel, truffles, blue lobster and pufferfish – some of them may be simply expensive, some of them even life threatening. Let us collect some of the most extreme delicacies around the world.
press release | November 24, 2010
It’s no good playing with our food, but from now on, we can use our cutlery instead, the colorful plastic brainchild of ding3000 design studio and BASF, named JOIN.
| November 23, 2010
National top allergy experts of the USA previewed some new guidelines that are intended to clear up confusion about the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies. There's a lot of confusion.
Francisck Réka Alíz | November 17, 2010
Having a coffee and munching a cookie while gossiping with our friends in a nice little café – most of us would call this an essential weekly routine. Wash & Coffee takes our joy one step further.

HB | October 27, 2010
Most of us would say, everybody should stay at their profession. Hungarian winemakers now prove, that it is not always the right point of view. 81 of them grab wooden spoons and may sing.
| October 21, 2010
The creativity of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and the experience of the artisans of Martini have created Martini Gold by Dolce&Gabbana. A complex aroma, traditional techniques, modern technology.
Bedő J. István | October 7, 2010
There was a huge excitement about the opening of new Budapest restaurant. The specialty of ARAZ is not only the Hungarian-French menu, but the scene: the building of former Hungária bath.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 30, 2010
Nowadays you will also find caviar from other fish varieties, including salmon, lumpfish and tuna, as well as in different forms. The new delicacy from the French gastronomy is the snail caviar.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 25, 2010
The popularity of caviar is hardly a new phenomenon. The dish dates back to ancient times and has been prized in almost every culture. Today caviar is still a delicacy that can provide you with that feeling of luxury.
Bedő J. István | August 3, 2010
This year's Hungarian Grand Prix had a very unusual culinary legacy: the competitors’ field included Jarno Trulli driving a Lotus. However, what have these got to do with each other?
Francisck Réka Alíz | July 22, 2010
Do your dishes, cook a meal, and give your guests something to talk about when you make dinner in your dishwasher. Watch your multitasking kitchen appliance steal the show!
HB | July 7, 2010
A jazz concert during your dinner? Unusual events start in The KITCHEN, presenting ten evenings with four course gourmet dinners and jazz concerts. There are season tickets available, too.
BJI | June 29, 2010
Chocolatier Gábor Mészáros wishes to revolutionize the domestic market of chocolate bars: he came up with a concept: the customer can choose the type of chocolate and also the toppings from millions of option on offer.
HB | June 18, 2010
Most wineries utilize used barrels mostly for storing wine. Artists were inspired by empty barrels exhibited by the Vylyan Winery in Kisharsány
Francisck Réka Alíz | June 16, 2010
Learn how to cook with aphrodisiacs and use food as foreplay with the help of a...cookbook. Created by Master of Gastronomy Amy Reiley, Fork Me, Spoon Me is so much more than a cookbook.

Francisck Réka Alíz | June 14, 2010
Have you been ever wondering how our future will look like? Let's have a glimpse at the new possibilities the future’s kitchen might offer, in, say, 10 years: a kitchen of the digital age and digital gastronomy.
István J. Bedő | May 27, 2010
According to stereotypes, everyone is vegetarian in India. However, people also eat fish, chicken, pigs, sheep, and in some social strata (i.e. the 'warriors'), even beef.
Dorottya Vannai | May 21, 2010
Southern-Spain is one of the highlighted regions on the map of molecular gastronomy. Miguel Ángel Benjumea Loro arrived from there to Hungary to share his knowledge with the Hungarian chefs.