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Hong Kong

Casual Dining

The Hong Kong, sister of the Taiwan restaurant, serves the most authentic regional Chinese food in Budapest. The menus contain specialties from the four most significant cuisines of China: Peking, Shanghai, Szechuan and Canton, each of which has its own remarkable flavors and ingredients. The owner imports the highest quality ingredients from China, as well as fresh lobster from Canada, and oysters from Belgium.
Start out with one of their fragrant soups. We recommend the hot and sour, a specialty of Peking cuisine. Unlike most other Hungarian Chinese restaurants, here they use white pepper to give the original spicy taste to the soup, instead of hot paprika sauce. The sour taste comes from the addition of a little vinegar. The stock is filled with Chinese wood ear mushrooms, scrambled egg, pork or chicken, and garnished with fresh spring onion.
Move on to one of their great seafood specialties, including the whole pan-fried or steamed fish with soy sauce, or fresh lobster and oysters. The crustaceans are kept alive in tanks of sea water, while the fish swim in their own pool until they are ready to be cooked. You cannot get fresher fish than that!
Another specialty of the house is the Peking duck. After the initial preparation, the skin of the duck is coated with a honey mixture and the duck is hung until the skin is dry and hard. After the duck is roasted in the oven, the skin becomes golden and extremely crisp. While still hot, it is cut into small pieces and served with thin pancakes (called Peking doilies), accompanied by scallions and Hoisin Sauce. You will not find a better example of this dish!
Fantastic banquets can be prepared for up to 180 guests with the guidance of the knowledgeable owner.

What occasion:
Business lunch Celebration Birthday
Indoor seating 160 Terrace 50
Terrace Terrace
WiFi WiFi
Air Conditioned Air Conditioned
Hong Kong
1135 Budapest, Béke utca 26.
Monday - Sunday 11:00 – 22:00
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