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Krisztina Hídvégi | March 26, 2015
There is a shop in the Buda hills, where the shelves are stocked with only the highest quality products. A shop, where you can literally buy the best products available. When I step into Delizia I feel like Alice in Wonderland.
Krisztina Hídvégi | March 18, 2015
Fördős Z, the video-gastro blogger and juror of the Konyhafőnök gastro-reality show introduced his own gastro show at RTL Klub. When he is not cooking, he is flying. I asked him which one came earlier: paragliding or cooking?
Júlia Horváth | November 3, 2014
BRGR’s burgers are made from unique recipes that have been precisely crafted and tested to produce the best possible gourmet hamburger. No wonder BRGR’s pöri burger won the 'Best Hamburger in 2014' title.
Réka Alíz Francisck | April 9, 2014
Founding member of the Mád Circle, István Szepsy is often called Mr. Tokaj. His wines sell at Selfridges&Co and Heston Blumenthal's three Michelin-star restaurant, to mention the British market only.
Annamária Riedl, TRANSLATION: Flóra Nagy | March 11, 2014
Vanda Szakács moved to London without speaking a word of English. In Hungary she had attended a vocational secondary school for catering, and yet she had no idea what a Michelin star was. But she soon caught up.
Annamária Riedl, TRANSLATION: Flóra Nagy | March 4, 2014
Gergő Pernyez was a pizza delivery boy when he left Hungary to learn languages. He became a chef, and worked at some of the world’s best restaurants. Today he manages his own bistro in a small French town.
Réka Alíz Francisck | November 5, 2013
Do you happen to know what ’robinsonade’ is? It is a literary genre describing novels similar to Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Should I ever devote a whole book to restaurateur Árpád László that would surely be a robinsonade...
Annamária Riedl | October 22, 2013
To be a headwaiter in Hungary is an honor. But in France, in a restaurant where Hollywood film stars give the handle to each other, it is the peak of a professional career. Gábor Sulyok achieved this in a few years.
Annamária Riedl | September 2, 2013
Gábor Horváth, chef of the Mádi Udvarház attended a special, 5-week-long course not long ago at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. He had the chance to compare Hungarian cuisine with other countries’ kitchen.
Réka Alíz Francisck | August 26, 2013
Zoltán Roy Zsidai is a leading figure in the Hungarian bistro and gastro culture. He speaks of his and his family's efforts of making Hungarian cuisine and gastronomy shine in full glory - again.
Annamária Riedl | July 10, 2013
For most westerners, even a lifetime’s too short to discover Eastern culture. It can be confusing but also refreshing to find Korean gastronomy playing a leading role, not in the kitchen, but on the stage.
Annamária Riedl | July 5, 2013
The name of Zoltán Feke is not unknown on the Hungarian gastronomy scene. He received two Bib Gourmand nominations for Vár: a Speiz, the restaurant he is now leaving to open his own place, named Petrus, in District 9.
Annamária Riedl | July 4, 2013
The name of Zoltán Feke is not unknown on the Hungarian gastronomy scene. He received two Bib Gourmand nominations for Vár: a Speiz, the restaurant he is now leaving to open his own place, named Petrus, in District 9.
Annamária Riedl, ford.: Iván Sellei | June 6, 2013
Star chef and restaurant owner Gianni Annoni settled in Hungary nearly twenty years ago. He has learned the language, embraced the culture, and in some respect looks at the world like a Hungarian.
Francisck Réka Alíz | February 23, 2012
Malatinszky Kúria Organic Wine Estate in Villány is unique in many ways. It is not only a successful business and winery offering top-wines, but also a place of experience and experiment.
Sárdi Rudolf | September 7, 2011
Warren Winiarski is the epitome of what Americans designate as a self-made man. He is known throughout the world as the legendary winemaker who was there at the right time and place.
Bedő J. István | April 28, 2011
The number of ‘starred restaurants’ has been doubled in Hungary recently. Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll, chefs of Onyx, the second Michelin Star restaurant professed about their success. | March 16, 2011
During the Hungarian EU Presidency’s term, chef László Ruprecht literally cooks for Europe. His ambition is to present foreign guests with a European-level and modern Hungarian gastronomy.
Enikő M. Tóth | March 9, 2011
Despite of his young age, Joel Khalil, new executive chef of Hotel Corinthia Budapest, has worked all around the world from Asia to London, from Switzerland to Macau. He likes traditional Hungarian food very and desserts.
M. Tóth Enikő | November 11, 2010
On the corner of the street of Olimpia restaurant, there is a car-mechanics’ shop. Few would believe that any restaurants could operate in this environment. Lajos Takács did believe though.

| August 30, 2010
At the introduction of the double-size magnum Duennium wine, one of the personalities whose autograph makes the bottle even more valuable: Dr Imre Csernus
M. Tóth Enikő | June 21, 2010
Attila Gál has difficult duties: frequenters of Restaurant Ráspi, Fertőrákos are used to delicious, countrified tastes. The new Ráspi Budapest has to offer the same, but in an urban area.
Epicurious | May 6, 2010
Gwyneth Paltrow is known to many as an elegant, Oscar-winning actress. She has recently begun to show the world her food-loving side. The celebrity talks about how she lives for cooking-eating, not the other way around.
Réka A. Francisck | January 28, 2010
Dutch journalist Tom de Smet is to bring Hungary and the Netherlands closer to each other through gastronomy.
Barbara Horacsek | January 27, 2010
Gábor Merfelsz’s heart belongs to Szekszárd. He prepares his wine where he was born in a way he likes: red, beautiful and full-bodied. The greatest honor he thinks is when locals choose his wine.