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Pierre Louafi | December 15, 2017
Where most bar ideas revolve around the rejoinment of people in a designated location, Wödör Bar evokes something else entirely. Find out more on the concept of the Original Bucket Bar at Madách tér.
| December 13, 2017
Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a lavish traditional Lebanese gala dinner and enjoy the Arabic hospitality at Baalbek, Hungary’s first authentic Lebanese restaurant. Book your table now!
| November 28, 2017
A leading global wine publication, the Wine Enthusiast, published its Top 100 List of 2017 yesterday and ranked Chateau Dereszla's 2009 5 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú in 20th place with 95 points.
| November 17, 2017
According to tradition, the Hungarian New Wine and Cheese Festival is held in Budapest the last weekend of November at the Vajdahunyad Castle. Taste Hungary's best new wines and artisanal cheeses on November 25-26.
| November 16, 2017
The hot beverage season is soon upon us, which is why it is the perfect opportunity to get your annual dose of hot chocolate at the first winter gastronomic event held at the beautiful St. Gellért Square from December 1 to 3.
| November 10, 2017
For the 7th time, Terra Hungarica, whose objective is the promotion of authentic wines, has organized another tasting day on November 18th. Each year they offer increasingly more to all those who care what they drink.
| November 6, 2017
In Hungary today, the popularity of red wines far outweighs that of rosés and whites. The Bordeaux November 18th program focuses on the varietals and blended wines made produced from Bordeaux grape varieties.
| November 2, 2017
At the FIRST downtown pub they are making burgers out of beer's most important ingredient- malt. It's all about beer: you can discover that the crunchy malt seeds can be found in the snacks and hamburgers buns.
| October 27, 2017
The 2nd annual Halloween Food Truck party will take place in 'scary' Halloween style in the garden of Gundel from October 27-29. Gastronomic treats and plenty of programs will keep children entertained all weekend.
| October 26, 2017
An adult goose landed on the square in front of the Gellért Hotel, then leisurely waltzed into one of the most beautiful hotels in Budapest. Good timing because in two weeks, the biggest St. Martin's Wine Festival begins.
| October 19, 2017
365 specialty cheeses from all over the world will be presented on October 28th in the ballroom of the Budapest Hilton (Castle). All countries with a prominent cheese industry will be present with their best selection.
László Doszpod | October 17, 2017
Prestige Wine Club's first Wine Dinner Party took place on September 29th. You can read the report from the organizer himself and get a first-hand glimpse behind the scenes. Looking forward to the next event!
| October 16, 2017
Seven years after stepping foot into the Hungarian Market, Starbucks arrives to Szeged. According to plans, the first coffee will be served in the University town this year. Search for employees has already begun.
| October 13, 2017
The new “Sour Cherry Seed Oil” from PÖDÖR Premium Oils and Vinegars was selected as one of the top innovations in the industry and was a highlight at the International Anuga Taste Innovation Show 2017, which just took place.
Source: press release | October 12, 2017
Whiskey-fans once again can indulge in a real pampering adventure: on October 14-15, the 7th annual Whisky Show will be organized at Corinthia Hotel Budapest, featuring over 300 kinds of whiskeys.
| October 5, 2017
From October 13-15, the Budapest Pork and Sausage Festival will be held for the fourth time at the Hungarian Railway History Park. A great number of program and famous performers will be entertaining visitors over these 3 days.
| October 3, 2017
The biggest beer event in the world will once again make an appearance in Budapest this year for the 5th year in a row and will have an even larger Paulaner beer tent with plenty of fun programs and concerts from October 5-8.

| October 2, 2017
The country's best hobby Sekler Cake Baking team will also be selected at this year's Sekler Cake (Kürtőskálács) Festival, during the weekend of October 13-15. The hostess of this mouth-watering gourmet event is Rozina Wosssala.
| September 26, 2017
Great Hungarian winemakers, excellent wines and sparklings, 2 tasting menus, beautiful venue: Wine Dinner Party by Prestige Reserve Club. The event series starts September 29 at Kárpátia Restaurant.
| September 22, 2017
The South Balaton Bujdosó Winery has renewed their "Sailor" series of wine labels this fall. The theme of course remains Lake Balaton and sailing, which is important to the Bujdosó family. The labels were designed by Géza Ipacs again.
Source: | September 20, 2017
Does such a person exist who doesn't like crepes or pancakes? Luckily and happily for all of us, the Budapest Pancake Festival will take place on September 23rd at the Budapest Event Park (XVIII district, Szent László út 2).
| September 13, 2017
This year's Sweet Days Budapest, like last year, will be held in front of the Basilica on St. Stephen's Square and Zrínyi Street between September 15 and 17. This is heaven for dessert lovers and chocoholics!
| September 12, 2017
In Óbuda, wine and music have always been linked together. From September, Esernyős is starting a new music and gastro program, rethinking and modernizing the well-known restaurant atmosphere of the Krúdy novels.
| September 11, 2017
The Coffee & Hazelnut Raffinée dragée by Hungarian-owned chocolate manufacturer- chocoMe was selected among the 50 best food products in the world as revealed at the TOP 50 FOODS event at the Great Taste Awards in London.
| September 7, 2017
It's time to fill up the pantry and larder this weekend. Discover the myriad of local gourmet delicacies on exhibit at the Hungarian Tastes Fall Fair at the Castle Garden Bazaar September 9th and 10th.

Source: | September 6, 2017
Hungary will be represented by Alexandra Pereszlényi, the young chef of Gundel and Bagolyvár at the World Championship for Young chefs on September 8th in Germany, organized by the Chaine des Rotisseurs.
| September 5, 2017
Hungary's most exciting gastronomic festival, specializing in plant-based foods- the Vegan Food Fest, will be moving to the rooftop garden of the West End City Center on the second weekend in September.
| September 1, 2017
chocoMe continues its international tour the force, pocketing five awards at the London based competition: one three-star award, one two-star award, and three one-star awards.
| August 31, 2017
On Saturday September 2nd, between 10-21 on the well- known areas of the XIII. district, the Pozsonyi Street Picnic offers a diverse cross-section of classical and contemporary culture in hundreds of genres.
| August 30, 2017
Europe’s most beautiful wine festival opens its doors for the 26th time, between September 7th and 10th in the world-heritage Buda Castle. Visitors will be able to taste 5,000 different wines from 15 countries and close to 200 wineries.
| August 30, 2017
The tantalizing smell of burgers, the sound of street music and the excitement of horse-racing will all be part and parcel of the fifth annual Food Truck Show in Kincsem Park from September 1st to 3rd.
| August 29, 2017
We bid farewell to summer with the multi-faceted Jewish Cultural Festival, taking place from September 3-14. There will be classical and lighter musical concerts, theatrical performances and literary evenings at several locations.
| August 24, 2017
At the 21st VEGETARIAN FESTIVAL in Budapest Aug 26-27, there will be presentations by nutritionists, relaxation sessions, food tastings, organic product presentations, music and dance programs as well as film screenings.
| August 17, 2017
The Spirit of Bread Festival is an annual large-scale family event, which brings together home-baking Moms, Dads, Michelin-star chefs, winemakers, gourmet food bloggers, and the crowds of happy onlookers.
| August 16, 2017
Every August 20th since it first opened, the Palace of Arts in Budapest has celebrated Hungary's national holiday - as well as their upcoming concert season - with lively jazz music.
| August 16, 2017
The Buda Palace area is home to one of the most prestigious events every summer in the capital. This colorful 4-day arts and crafts festival is worthwhile attending for all ages.
| August 14, 2017
There are many traditional programs that have always been linked to August 20th and in recent years, new contemporary events connected to the National Day include the awarding of the Top Cake and Sugar-free Cake of Hungary.
Source: Wine Portal | August 11, 2017
According to Lidl UK, the sale of Hungarian wines is higher than ever, so thanks to this increasing popularity, 15 Hungarian wines were put on offer by British Lidl.
| August 10, 2017
For anyone who likes vodka, this event in Budapest is the place for you. At this multi-day event, everyone can indulge in their passion for vodka, as tastings will be continuous all throughout the event.
| August 9, 2017
The Wine and Bread Celebration, which is usually organized around the 20th of August, is traditionally one of the biggest tourism events in the region and definitely the largest summer festival in Siófok.
| August 8, 2017
The delightful wines of the Balaton Uplands and more specifically of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region give rise to a worthy celebration each year in August- the Balatonfüred Wine Weeks.
| August 7, 2017
One of the most famous festivals in Hungary is the Debrecen Flower Carnival. From August 12th for twelve days, more than 50 programs will be entertaining visitors.
| August 4, 2017
This 10-day event organized around St. Stephen's Day is the most important event series of this historic capital.
| August 2, 2017
The Hungaricum Festival, which has been awarded a rating of excellence, will take place once again this year in Szeged from August 10th to 13th.
| August 1, 2017
Last year was the first time that this international, very mysterious dinner series was held in Budapest.
Translation: Agnes Weninger | July 31, 2017
If your favorite summer drink is a spritzer and you love lángos (the traditional Hungarian fried flat bread), then naturally your place will be at this city event.
Source: MTI | July 28, 2017
This year for the first time, a Street Ball will also be organized on Blaha Street, and on the Kisfaludy Stage you will be able to track all the events on a big screen.
BoB | July 28, 2017
What could be better than watching a movie outdoors beneath the stars on a warm, balmy summer night? These retro outdoor cinemas down at the Balaton are enjoying a renaissance these days.
| July 27, 2017
The continuously successful Wine and Spritzer Fest will be held for the fifth time in Siófok between July 28th and August 6th.
Translation: Agnes Weninger | July 26, 2017
Two awards have been won by the downtown Budapest Restaurant, TAMA at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards competition.
| July 25, 2017
Cirque Éloize: Saloon- a Western musical, circus adventure premiering August 4th and 5th at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage.

| July 24, 2017
On the northern shore of Lake Balaton in Paloznak, one of the quaintest villages, the Homola Winery will organize the Paloznak Jazz Picnic again for the 6th consecutive year.
| July 21, 2017
On Sunday July 23rd, the two-time Grammy Award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir will be performing at the open-air Theatre on Margaret Island.
| July 19, 2017
In addition to the traditional classical music concerts, the 26th Vajdahunyad Castle Summer Music Festival also has two special performances this year.
| July 18, 2017
Hungary’s biggest arts festival, the 27th Valley of Arts will take place between the 21st and 30th of July in Kapolcs, Vigántpetend and Taliándörögd.
| July 17, 2017
Between July 14th and 30th, increase your cheering enjoyment with a big screen, BBQ dinner, cooling spritzer or lemonade and the best home-made ice cream.
| July 14, 2017
The Badacsony Bor7 event taking place this year at the Park in Badacsony between July 14th and 30th, will welcome visitors with a renewed format.
| July 13, 2017
On the 14th and 15th of July, for the seventh time, along with the participation of 23 wineries and hundreds of contributors, Villány will organize the internationally renowned free Rosé Festival.
| July 12, 2017
Szekszárd winemakers in cooperation with the Budapest Zoo to add allure to the highly popular summer concerts. The chance to taste Szekszárd wines before the concerts adds an extra dimension to this summertime experience.
| July 11, 2017
Instead of Popcorn, street food is now available on Wednesdays at the Várkert Bazaar, where every week until the end of summer, the Food Truck Cinema revolves around the finest Hungarian art films.
| July 10, 2017
The first new wave, open-view brewery opens in the capital! In this 4th district brewery, guests will be able to taste unpasteurized, freshly brewed beer straight from the tanks.
| July 6, 2017
The National Hárslevelű Wine Competition took place on Friday, June 23, 2017. Wines from numerous wine regions in several categories were nominated for the competition.
| July 5, 2017
For the 5th year in a row, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace will be hosting one of the most prestigious and exclusive events, THE HUBLOT GR1D CLUB™ BUDAPEST 2017 – The Race After Party.
| July 3, 2017
Building on the success of last year’s events the Hungarian Tourism Agency and Wineglass Communication is relaunching Budapest Wine Bar Tour on July 6, 2017.
| July 3, 2017
“Bor, Mámor, Bénye”, the unique Festival that has been taking place for 9 years in the picturesque Tokaj-Hegyalja region takes place July 6-9, with gastro and cultural events and spectacular Tokaj wines.
| May 9, 2017
Between May 12 and 14, City Park comes to life and will be totally immersed in pink. Rosé, champagne, fine wines, street food and concerts at Rosalia- the biggest season-opening wine festival in Budapest.
| May 4, 2017
The best May Festival of all time is being organized by the Food Truck Show and Kincsem Park from May 5th to 7th. Family programs will be the focus of this year’s show. Among other things, the children will be welcomed by a giant Carousel, a Petting Zoo and a mini version of the Hungaroring.
| April 11, 2017
The OTP Bank Gourmet Festival will welcome culinary adventurers on May 18-21 in the heart of Budapest at Millenáris Park. This year the main focus will be on the indigenous Mangalica pig as well as seasonal strawberries.
| March 17, 2017
The Globalist Kitchen series continues on March 29-30 at Budapest’s La Perle Noire restaurant, with a fantastic dinner prepared by Loic Villemin, the youngest chef in France to receive a Michelin star in 2012.
| March 9, 2017
The Mátra wine region in Hungary, until recently, has not received the attention it deserves. The newly established Magna Mátra has created a common vision to make it a wine region with strong identity.

Source: press release | March 6, 2017
This year's edition of the annual Medvehagyma Festival takes place on April 7-8, and, as always it is organized in Orfű, with wild garlic tastings, chef competitions, exhibitions and lots of fun.
BOB | February 27, 2017
This year's edition of the three-day annual wine event organized by VinCE Magazine will kick off on March 17. The event that traditionally presents the world’s most respected wine celebrities is a paradise for wine lovers.
BOB | February 22, 2017
Gábor Mészáros' chocoMe was established with the ultimate purpose of creating the perfect bar of chocolate. Just recently, the brand introduced their Blonde Chocolate range - and we have tasted them all!
WineGlass | February 17, 2017
The annual Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Duel (Bull’s Blood Battle) takes place on March 3 at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest, presenting some 30 wineries from both wine regions, and an entertaining blind tasting.
Réka A. Francisck | February 14, 2017
Spice things up this Valentine’s Day with all heart and no hassle, improving your aphrodisiacal arsenal in an easy way. Please note that our Editorial is not responsible for any increased libido.
| February 13, 2017
The nicest winter moments of beer lovers are soon to come: on February 17-19 Danubius Hotel Gellért will host Hungary's one and only winter beer festival, offering guests unlimited beer tasting.
Pince Művek | February 1, 2017
The Ministry of Agriculture held its now traditional diplomats’ harvest at the Hajós-Baja Koch Winery. The ambassadors picked so much Chardonnay that Minister Sándor Fazekas proposed making a special wine from it.
Source: press release | January 30, 2017
Two well-known Hungarian winemakers, István Szepsy and György Lőrincz introduced their joint Ars Sacra wine package on December 8 at the St Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar in Budapest.
Source: press release | January 27, 2017
Hungary wins 4th place and two special prizes, among the 24 participating countries selected for the Bocuse d’Or grand finale, the world's most prestigious cooking contest that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
| January 19, 2017
There are numerous excellent wine-producing sites in Hungary, but a recent wine tasting with the St. Andrea, Kovács Nimród and Gróf Buttler wineries indicates that Nagy-Eged Hill in the Eger Wine Region stands out from the crowd.
BOB | January 12, 2017
Furmint February is a campaign running in Hungary with the aim of getting people more familiar with this specific white grape variety. Special wine dinners are offered countrywide, following the main tasting event on February 2.
Francisck Réka Alíz | January 3, 2017
New Year’s Eve is over, and we all drunk a lot of bubbly that night. Now here’s an excuse to pop the cork again: champagne turns out to be healthy, so keep drinking! Cheers!
Source: press release | December 20, 2016
Gábor Mészáros, founder of chocoMe has won the Award of the Confectionery Industry for the fifth times, from the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association, on December 1, 2016.
Alexandra Ruff | November 30, 2016
Jack Danel’s celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and surprises fans around the world with special events. Find out more on this from Jeff Arnett, master distiller of the Jack Daniel Distillery.
Source: press release | November 22, 2016
The Takler family established their winery in the Szekszárd wine region in 1996. During the past two decades, Takler Wine Estate has become one of the most well-known wine brands in Hungary.
Dóra Mező | November 14, 2016
When the Yamato ensemble visited the Hungarian capital, even before going on stage, popped into one of the most traditional Japanese restaurants of the city, bearing the same name as the ensemble.
Source: Press release | November 11, 2016
One of chocoMe’s Raffinée flavours earned gold medal for the second time in 2016, at the International Chocolate Awards. The world’s best milk chocolate dragee made with nuts is officially Hungarian!
Translation: Dorottya Ertsey | November 3, 2016
As a new addition to the METAXA Family, the 12 stars METAXA touches all our senses. It is not only a drink, but an exploration. The harmony of tastes, scents and design makes the experience extraordinary.
Source: press release | November 2, 2016
St. Martin, often referred to as the judge of new wine and the patron of winemakers, is summoned during the most exciting Martin’s Day program series of Hungary, on November 10-13 in Danubius Hotel Gellért.
BOB | October 25, 2016
A unique chocolate tasting took place recently at St. Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar: Cadeau Bonbon Manufacture presented its first signature Grand Cru dark and milk chocolates.
Source: Press release | October 17, 2016
What have monks got to do with gastronomy? Apparently, more than we would think. To find out, visit the Camaldolese Monastery in Majkpuszta until October 31, and have a closer look at this unique exhibition.
László Doszpod | October 11, 2016
Prestige Reserve Club approached a group of Hungarian winemakers to give their opinion of how a great white wine can be big and refined at the same time by presenting two of their wines.
BOB | October 7, 2016
Due to the success of past years’ Chimney Cake Festivals, organizers will present the festival’s 4th edition this year on October 7-9. The Vajdahunyad castle in the City Park will serve as the fest's venue.
Translation: Alexandra Ruff | October 6, 2016
Onyx Restaurant, located at Vörösmarty Square, has been representing Hungarian top gastronomy since its opening. As of September, Onyx welcomes guests with special menus dreamt by a new team.
BOB | October 3, 2016
The traditional Piros Lábos Festival in Szigetmonostor, in the picturesque Danube Bend kicks off its 3rd edition this year on October 8, with fantastic cultural, gastronomy and family programs.
Source: press release | September 19, 2016
The compulsory ratio of Kékfrankos variety has recently been increased in Bikavér cuvée of Szekszárd: at least 50% of this red cuvée should consist of Kékfrankos and Kadarka, with the minimum ratio of 45% and 5%, respectively.
Source: press release | September 15, 2016
Until September 30, Chef Gergő Gullner at the Corso Restaurant of InterContinental Budapest prepares fresh oysters arriving directly from the French seaside. Enjoy one of the most impressive gastro adventures of the year!
Source: Press release | September 12, 2016
Definitely, the most intensive period in the life of a wine region is the vintage. By visiting Szekszárd on the third weekend of September, one can get an insight view of this lively and exciting autumn there.
BOB | September 6, 2016
Celebrate Japanese culture and gastronomy with a visit to Budapest’s Fuji restaurant. On September 19, the restaurant organizes a Japanese Full Moon Dinner in their tatami room, introducing a special menu.
Source: Press release | August 31, 2016
To be organized on Sep 8-11, this is the 25th annual festival, dedicated to introducing Hungary's best reds and whites, live music, gourmet food and countless programs, in the beautiful historic setting of Buda Castle.
Translation: Alexandra Ruff | August 30, 2016
Hadik’s reconstruction is almost completed with only finishing touches left to be done until its opening in September. New design, menu and amazing program selection are all waiting for the guests to arrive.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 17, 2016
Budapest's Remiz will hold its annual summer-closing party on Setember 4 this year. The party traditioanally takes place at the restaurant's garden featuring lecsó, live music and a high-spirited atmosphere.
BOB | August 11, 2016
Celebrate Japanese culture and gastronomy with a visit to Fuji restaurant. On August 15, the restaurant organizes a Japanese Summer Festival in their tatami room, introducing a sake tasting and a special menu.
Translation: Alexandra Ruff | July 27, 2016
Following a deliberate short break, Babel Budapest reopened on July 22, debuting a brand new menu and kitchen team in the very heart of the city, on Piarista Lane in District 5 on the Pest side.
Source: press release | July 13, 2016
One of the most successful Hungarian family businesses, Szamos Marzipan opened a three-storey retail unit next to the House of Parliament in Budapest. The café boasts a superb view of Kossuth square.
Source: press release | June 6, 2016
Budapest's second BaoBox is now open in District 3, with minimal design and maximum tastes. A wide range of steamed, filled buns are available for those who are hungry for Asian food.
BOB | May 24, 2016
On May 27 you may discover the world of Krúdy - or at least part of it. Carne di Hall prepares an 8-course nostalgic dinner that includes Krúdy’s favorites such as bone marrow and meat broth. Do not forget to register!
Réka Alíz Francisck | May 23, 2016
Currently the best asian food bar in downtown Budapest, Kanpai Izakaya features high quality service and original flavors home-made from the freshest ingredients. Head to this eatery if you're a fan of Asian food!
Source: press release | May 20, 2016
Jamie Oliver's first restaurant in Central Europe opens on May 20 in partnership with the Zsidai Gastronomy Group to offer delicious, affordable Italian dishes, friendly service and cool design at the historic Buda Castle.
Source: press release | May 11, 2016
Hungarian chef Tamás Széll and his team have won the European final of Bocuse d’Or - the world’s most prestigious contest for chefs - that ended in Budapest this Wednesday. Norway came in second and Sweden third.
Source: press release | May 10, 2016
For the first time, Blue Fox The Bar will set up its own stall at this year's Gourmet Festival, “the coolest flow of culinary experiences”, at Millenáris on May 12-15. For shocking cocktail sensations, head to stall Nr 31!
Source: press release | May 6, 2016
Pesti Vigadó Restaurant just launched its á la carte division to the public. Both the elegant historical venue and the fare is in line with the cuisine traditional to the Pest side of Budapest and is intended to attract native gourmets.
Source: press release | May 5, 2016
Again, OTP Bank Gourmet Festival awaits all foodies with the usual high quality selection of masterpieces brought by the best chefs of Hungary at Budapest's Millenáris Park on May 12-15.
BOB | March 9, 2016
Just recently, a fifth restaurant in Budapest won a Michelin star! According to the latest issue of the 'Michelin Main Cities of Europe,' it is Costes Downtown that earned this top culinary honor.
Source: press release | March 7, 2016
Organized at Budapest’s Laurus Restaurant and Event Center on February 29, the 2016 Volkswagen-Dining Guide Award Gala was held to award outstanding restaurants and chefs in Hungary.
Source: press release | March 1, 2016
This year's edition of the annual wine event organized by VinCE Magazine kicks off on March 3. The event that presents the world’s most respected wine celebrities is a paradise for wine lovers and for professionals it is a must.
Source: press release | February 15, 2016
It is no longer necessary to pilgrimage to the Czech Republic for a good indoor beer festival: this year, for the first time, we can indulge ourselves with a cavalcade of beers at Hotel Gellért on February 19-21.
Source: press release | February 10, 2016
On February 26, head to the Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Competition where you can taste wines of more than 25 Bikavér producers, comparing their region, wine making style and wine vintage.
Source: press release | February 2, 2016
The 4th Fish Festival moves to a new venue this year, and the Millenáris Park (District 2, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.) will host the event that focuses on the Grey catfish. The festival will be organized on February 12-14.
BOB | January 22, 2016
Already in its 6th year, the annual Mangalica Festival will take place at Budapest's Szabadság Square with tastings, presentations and many cultural programs, this year on February 12-14.
Source: press release | January 5, 2016
Baalbek, a traditional Lebanese restaurant opened its doors downtown, at the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace which is the first 5 star hotel of the Mellow Mood Group.
Source: press release | December 16, 2015
On May 10-11, 2016, the most prestigious gastronomy contest in Europe will take place in Budapest in the heart of Hungary, as part of the Sirha Budapest trade exhibition. Here is the list of the candidates, and more.
Source: press release | December 8, 2015
Delicious desserts in golden liquid (that is either Cointreau or Limoncello concentrate) - a bottle of the Sonja Adler cakes is a real treat for the eye. Find out more on this delicacy that could make a perfect gift!
Source: press release | December 1, 2015
A dash of color to the rich tapestry of culinary life in Budapest, Stradivari restaurant with its concept of farm-to-table ingredients and unique twists on Hungarian classics is a beacon of light in the domestic catering industry.
Source: press release | November 19, 2015
It’s full-bodied, characteristic, diverse and last but not least, it has a soul. Time changes, but a good whiskey never goes out of style. Visitors tried the new Jack Daniel’s at Budapest’s Whiskey Show 2015.
Source: press release | November 17, 2015
This festival, to be held 2nd times this year at Budapest's Millenáris Park on November 21-22, is to present national confectioneries and cake manufactures during an exhibition and fair.
Source: press release | November 5, 2015
Taste Loffice, the first co-working bistro in downtown Budapest will officially open soon, on November 6. The bistro is also a penthouse event space with a unique design and art concept.
Source: press release | November 2, 2015
The Martin Day’s Wine Festival, traditionally organized by Hotel Gellért, attracts visitors with the slogan 'Wines-Geese-Spices' and the world premiere of the Peking goose and goose sushi this year, on November 5-8.
Source: press release | October 9, 2015
The hunting season is under way, so it's time to eat delicious game dishes - this time with beer. Give your family or guests a pleasant surprise by serving in-season fruits and vegetables, and an exciting beer.
Source: press release | October 7, 2015
Celebrating it’s fifth birthday this year, chocoMe, the chocolate manufactory with 100% Hungarian ownership won no less than 9 awards at the International Chocolate Awards just recently.
Source: press release | October 1, 2015
The first Jamie’s Italian restaurant in the Central-European region will open in the first quarter of 2016 in the Buda Castle District, with Zsidai Gastronomy Group being the exclusive operating partner.
BOB | September 29, 2015
Due to the success of last years’ Chimney Cake Festivals, organizers present the festival's 3rd edition at a the Vajdahunyad castle located in Budapest’s City Park (Városliget), on October 9-11.
Source: press release | September 28, 2015
The Prestige Reserve Club held a wine summit at Kárpátia Restaurant on September 11, where 25 wines from 25 top wineries proved that real progress has been made by Hungarian wine producers over the last 25 years.
BOB | September 7, 2015
One of Central Europe's most prestigious, most popular combined wine - art fest offers a grape harvest parade, Wine Academy, concerts, gourmet food and countless programs, on September 9-13 at the Buda Castle.
BOB | September 3, 2015
On September 6, Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in Pannonhalma, close to Győr.
BOB | August 13, 2015
Often referred to as liquid bread, beer is as old as the civilization. It is possible that mankind took a sip from this brew of fermented grain sooner than from wine. Do you know where its name come from?
Réka Alíz Francisck | August 7, 2015
What’s common between the monks and a honeymoon? Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I of England had a habit of drinking strong ale for breakfast? And did you know that August 7 marks the international beer day?
BOB | July 28, 2015
We always knew that emotional associations affect the wine we taste. Wine doesn't just taste good because of its grape and vintage - it might also have something to do with the room where it is served.
BOB | July 22, 2015
Water is one of the most important nutrients for your body. Since two-thirds of the body is water—and we can’t survive more than a few days without it—staying hydrated makes sense.
Meribel Sinikalda | July 17, 2015
Not long ago we were lucky to have a number of foreign contributors. We asked them to share their thoughts on living in Budapest and also on Hungarian people in general. Find out what Meribel Sinikalda from Estonia has to say.
Source: press release | July 16, 2015
A strategic guidance designed to rejuvenate the Tokaj Wine Region was developed on the basis of a global survey and consultations with prominent players of the wine region, the Tokaj Wine Region Development Council announced.

Source: press release | June 15, 2015
Horse-riding and Hungarian gastronomy will meet on the first weekend of July: an exciting race and the flavors of the country's most diverse landscapes await guests on July 3-5, at Kincsem Park.
Source: press release | June 11, 2015
The annual Beer Festival that celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, opens today. The four-day-long festival awaits the music and beer loving audience in the beautiful Buda Castle.
Source: press release | May 15, 2015
On May 15-17, a cheese market place will be set at Budapest's Vajdahunyad castle during the Downtown Cheese Festival, organized third time this year to introduce up to a hundred different cheese.
Source: press release | May 11, 2015
The annual Gourmet Festival will open soon at Budapest’s Millenáris Park. Visiting this fest is a must for those who love Hungarian gastronomy. Head to Millenáris Park between May 21-24!
Source: press release | May 6, 2015
Brought to you by the organizers of the prestigious Budapest International Wine Festival, Rosalia is Hungary’s only festival dedicated to rosé wines, sparkling wines and champagnes.
BOB | May 5, 2015
For unique innovations and pálinka specialties, head to Városháza Park in District 5, and visit the annual Spring Pálinka Festival. This year's edition takes place on May 7-10, focusing on apple.

BOB | April 16, 2015
This program is for pálinka lovers. Spiritus Primus introduces a series of pálinka tasting events this spring. The fourth “shot,” featuring berry fruit and bedded pálinkas, will take place on April 24.
Source: press release | April 14, 2015
Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest, the gastro center located on the ground floor of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, welcomes its newest member: as of today, ÉS Deli is open.
BOB | April 10, 2015
During this program, some of Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in Palkonya.
Source: press release | April 9, 2015
This program is for pálinka lovers. Spiritus Primus introduces a series of pálinka tasting events this spring. The third “shot,” featuring grape and Törköly (pomace) pálinkas, will take place on April 10.
Krisztina Hídvégi | March 26, 2015
There is a shop in the Buda hills, where the shelves are stocked with only the highest quality products. A shop, where you can literally buy the best products available. When I step into Delizia I feel like Alice in Wonderland.
Francisck Réka Alíz | March 23, 2015
I've been to a newly opened restaurant that is conveniently located on the corner of Liszt Ferenc Square and Király Street, steps away from Andrássy Avenue. Above, you can read my first impressions.
BOB | March 20, 2015
This program is for pálinka lovers. Spiritus Primus introduces a series of pálinka tasting events this spring. The second “shot,” featuring apricot, cherry, plum and sour cherry pálinkas, will take place on March 27.
Krisztina Hídvégi | March 18, 2015
Fördős Z, the video-gastro blogger and juror of the Konyhafőnök gastro-reality show introduced his own gastro show at RTL Klub. When he is not cooking, he is flying. I asked him which one came earlier: paragliding or cooking?
Source: | March 15, 2015
'Goût de France / Good France' will celebrate French gastronomy in various locations worldwide on March 19, 2015. Over 1000 chefs on all five continents are expected to join the event on the eve of spring.
Source: press release | March 11, 2015
This program is for true beer lovers. If you fancy craft and artisan beers, save the date for the International Homebrew Competition which will take place at Élesztő (Tűzoltó Street 22, Budapest, District 9) on March 15.
BOB | March 10, 2015
The Michelin Guide 2015 has just announced that Budapest’s Borkonyha, Costes and Onyx restaurants have retained their stars and are joined by Tanti as the fourth Hungarian restaurant to score the top culinary honor.
Francisck Réka Alíz | March 8, 2015
Let's take a look at international venues and see how far gastronomic adventurers would go to indulge their tastebuds. Following the list of bizarre restaurants, here’s the list of the most bizarre food fests. | March 6, 2015
We reward innovation and creativity in gastronomy. Pairing specific, sometimes strange ingredients and using new techniques could be refreshing, but also obnoxious and... simply odd.
BOB | November 5, 2014
The 11th edition of the annual Hungarian New-Wine and Cheese Festival is to be organized on the last weekend of November, traditionally at Budapest's Vajdahunyad castle, by the National Museum of Agriculture.

BOB | November 4, 2014
If you are eager to witness the centuries old ritual of a Hungarian pig slaughter, in a sophisticated way (without horroristic effects), and enjoy pork dishes, this festival on November 14-16 is for you.
Júlia Horváth | November 3, 2014
BRGR’s burgers are made from unique recipes that have been precisely crafted and tested to produce the best possible gourmet hamburger. No wonder BRGR’s pöri burger won the 'Best Hamburger in 2014' title.
Júlia Horváth | October 1, 2014
Budapest's BOLS Mixer Academy welcomed the press to an exclusive Metaxa presentation and tasting event on September 16, hosted by the world renowned master mixer Costas Raptis.
Source: press release | September 30, 2014
The 8th annual Buda Castle Pálinka and Sausage Festival starts this Friday. Open until October 5, the fest celebrates the essence of Hungary, literrally, and also focuses on golden whiskey.
Francisck Réka Alíz | September 29, 2014
Did you know that just the smell of coffee can provide stress relief? Today is dedicated to one of the world’s oldest beverages as September 29 marks the International Coffee Day. Read on, and find out more on coffee.
András Réz | September 29, 2014
Dezső Kellér, the Hungarian Humorist said: "The good side of visiting coffee houses is that when one sits there, he is not at home, but not at the fresh air either." Today is Coffee Day. Head to a café!
Source: press release | September 3, 2014
Traditionally organized in Pozsonyi Street, Pozsonyi Piknik is coming up on September 6, offering cult and gastro programs and an atmosphere of a bohemian picnic. Spiritus Primus is among the exhibitors.
Source: press release | August 28, 2014
Budapest's International Wine Festival is the highlight of the fall festival scene. To be organized on Sep 10-14 this year, it will offer an insight into the Italian wine regions, and promote healthy lifestyle.
Source: press release | August 26, 2014
Sticking to tradition, this summer is not to end without the 'Wine and Fish at the Római' festival that brings us great wine and delicious fish dishes, on August 28 -31. Head to Római part this weekend!
Júlia Horváth | August 1, 2014
As of September, Metro’s Gastro Academy will offer unique gastro workshops to turn ordinary cooks into culinary artists. We have tried it, tested it and found it a great initiative, something worth to try!
BOB | June 6, 2014
Főzdefeszt, Hungary's Craft-Beer Festival is to be held for the 7th time this summer. Please note that from Mikszáth Kálmán Square, the festival moves closer to the Danube this year.
BOB | June 5, 2014
The Hungarian festival season kicks off with a celebration of beer. On June 12-14, the 4th Beer Festival brings almost 200 domestic and international beers to beer-lovers, in the beautiful Buda Castle.
Source: press release | May 28, 2014
The 10th edition of the annual Gourmet Festival will open soon at Budapest’s Millenáris Park. Visiting this fest is a must for those who love Hungarian gastronomy. Head to Millenáris Park between May 30 and June 1!
Nagy Edina Eszter | May 19, 2014
Fantastic atmosphere, international supporters, contestants side-by-side, incredible precision, detailed attention, muscular effort and speed so as to qualify among the first 12 teams and all this in under 5h35 minutes!
BOB | May 12, 2014
Due to the heavy showers and rainfalls expected to hit Budapest on this weekend, the annual Pálinka Festival arrives one week later, on May 22-25. The venue remains the same: Budapest's Városháza Park.
BOB | May 10, 2014
The annual Belgian Beer Festival arrives a week earlier and to a new venue: this year's 5th edition will be organized at Bálna Budapest on May 16-18. Prepare for other novelties, too!
BOB | May 8, 2014
This weekend, head to Buda Castle for a unique gastronomical experience! The Bread and Pastry Festival, organized on May 10-11, will line up the best Hungarian bakeries and a number of cultural programs.
BOB | April 28, 2014
For unique innovations and pálinka specialties, head to Városháza Park in District 5, and visit the annual Spring Pálinka Festival. This year's edition takes place on May 15-18, focusing on pear.
BOB | April 15, 2014
During this program, some of Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in and around Villány.
BOB | April 13, 2014
Master Chef Wang invites you to taste China! Visiting his prize-winning restaurant, ranked
among the 50 best eateries in Hungary, you may sample the traditional and truly authentic
Sichuan cuisine.
Réka Alíz Francisck | April 9, 2014
Founding member of the Mád Circle, István Szepsy is often called Mr. Tokaj. His wines sell at Selfridges&Co and Heston Blumenthal's three Michelin-star restaurant, to mention the British market only. | April 1, 2014
One Welsh farmer is feeding his cows beer to help them relax, and he even throws in the occasional massage. Beer and massage for Powys farmer's rare Wagyu cattle. Indulgence at it's best.
BOB | March 17, 2014
Just recently, a third restaurant in Budapest won a Michelin star. Costes was the first in the city to receive such an accolade, and it has successfully retained its star once again, along with Onyx.
Source: press release | March 3, 2014
At this year’s fifth edition of the nationally registered wine competition of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), seven wines were chosen for the title ‘The wine of MTA 2014’.
Source: press release | February 28, 2014
This temporary exhibition of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture leads visitors through the realm of the senses and perception, showcasing of horticultural, viticultural and distillery products.
BOB | February 4, 2014
The annual Mangalica Festival will be held 7th times this year, on February 7-9. Jump into your wellies, and head to Budapest's Szabadág Square (district 5) for a unique gastronomy event and lots of fun!
Francisck Réka Alíz | January 30, 2014
Tradition, quality and beauty - that is what you can expect from Budapest's Fuji restaurant that was recently restored for the great pleasure of those who are in love with authentic Japanese gourmet food.
Annamária Riedl | January 15, 2014
Stereo Chef opened last October in the Old Buda Promenade offering a diverse menu and tailor-made cocktails in an unparalleled atmosphere thanks to the eclectic music tunes that play almost every evening.
Source: Press release | November 25, 2013
The 10th edition of the annual Hungarian New-Wine and Cheese Festival is to be organized on the last weekend of November, traditionally at Budapest's Vajdahunyadvár, by the National Agricultural Museum.
BOB | November 22, 2013
Restaurateur Károly Rudits reopened his French fine dining restaurant in Székely Mihány street, downtown Budapest, a few steps away from the Opera House. Welcome back, Lou Lou!
Réka Alíz Francisck | November 20, 2013
One country, more than 40 languages and some 1,600 dialects - India is very diverse. What unifies all Indian dishes is the spices, and one more thing: an Indian restaurant named Curry House, in Budapest.
Francisck Réka Alíz | November 8, 2013
This is a pre-St. Martin’s Day celebration with music and dance, roast goose, fine wines, arts and crafts programs, feather-plucking and a lantern parade at the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture.
BOB | October 31, 2013
Pumpkin is delicious, healthy and versatile - and it is in season. Enjoy our favorite recipe for the autumn's most iconic vegetable. You can even use those pumpkins that will be languishing on the windowsill during your Halloween party.
István J. Bedő | October 17, 2013
One of the latest additions to Budapest’s gastronomy scene, the Városligeti Café & Bar has officially opened, occupying a beautifully restored building by the picturesque ice rink in the City Park.
Réka Alíz Francisck | October 11, 2013
Truffle, which once even caused wars, is still considered as a royal dish. Chef Rosario at Pomo d'Oro brings this delicasy close to us, introducing the Truffle Weeks. The menu will hopefully last until the end of October.
BOB | October 8, 2013
To celebrate its forthcoming 10th anniversary, Vitéz Kürtős have decided to organize the 1st Chimney Cake Festival on October 11-13, at Városháza Park. Prepare for the sweetest experience!
BOB | October 3, 2013
The annual Buda Castle Pálinka and Sausage Festival opens this afternoon. Open until October 6, the festival celebrates the essence of Hungary, literrally, with up to 400 different pálinkas.
BoB | September 10, 2013
Year after year, Budapest's International Wine and Champagne Festival proves to be the highlight of the fall festival scene, traditionally presenting thousands of Hungary's best reds and whites, live music and gourmet food, in the beautiful historic setting of Buda Castle.
Annamária Riedl | September 2, 2013
Gábor Horváth, chef of the Mádi Udvarház attended a special, 5-week-long course not long ago at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. He had the chance to compare Hungarian cuisine with other countries’ kitchen.
Riedl Annamária | August 28, 2013
Renowned Hungarian chefs and winemakers came up with a great idea during this summer: willing to establish a tradition, they founded ’Circle of Badacsony,’to jointly promote this region and its local cuisine.
Réka Alíz Francisck | August 26, 2013
Zoltán Roy Zsidai is a leading figure in the Hungarian bistro and gastro culture. He speaks of his and his family's efforts of making Hungarian cuisine and gastronomy shine in full glory - again.
Source: press release | August 14, 2013
The 17th edition of this annual festival will be organized on August 24-25, traditionally at the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Cultural Center in Budapest's District 10 (Szent László tér 7-14.). Entry is free.
Source: press release | August 12, 2013
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a training was organized on Aug 5-9 at the METRO Customer Academy for Hungarian chefs working at embassies. Reinterpretation of Hungarian cuisine was in focus.
Sándor Laczkó | July 30, 2013
A new frozen yogurt shop opened next to the Opera House in Budapest’s District 6, as a joint business of Hungarian and French private individuals. Yogurt Fabbrica offers a healthy alternative of ice-cream.
BOB | July 25, 2013
Budapest’s open-air 'Festival of Bubbles' kicks off today, to entertain and please guests for four days, in the very heart of the city at Erzsébet Square's Akvárium. Perfect place to head out after work!
Annamária Riedl | July 10, 2013
For most westerners, even a lifetime’s too short to discover Eastern culture. It can be confusing but also refreshing to find Korean gastronomy playing a leading role, not in the kitchen, but on the stage.
Annamária Riedl | July 5, 2013
The name of Zoltán Feke is not unknown on the Hungarian gastronomy scene. He received two Bib Gourmand nominations for Vár: a Speiz, the restaurant he is now leaving to open his own place, named Petrus, in District 9.
Annamária Riedl | July 4, 2013
The name of Zoltán Feke is not unknown on the Hungarian gastronomy scene. He received two Bib Gourmand nominations for Vár: a Speiz, the restaurant he is now leaving to open his own place, named Petrus, in District 9.
BOB | June 11, 2013
Tahitótfalu villagers have several decades of tradition in growing strawberries. They organize the famous Strawberry Fest annually, on the riveside of the Danube. Let's hope this fest won't fall victim to the flood!
BOB | June 10, 2013
The Buda Caste Beer Festival will be held on June 13-16 in the courtyards of the Royal Castle. The four-day beer fest brings almost 200 domestic and international beers to beer-lovers.
BOB | June 4, 2013
This festival is all about goose liver. Organized by the Hungarian Tastes Commercial Alliance, the 5th edition of the festival will take place on June 7-9, at Budapest's Millenáris Park.
Source: press release | May 29, 2013
The 9th edition of the annual OTP Klub Gourmet Festival will open on May 31 at Budapest’s Millenáris Park. Visiting this festival is a must for those who love Hungarian gastronomy. The fest closes on June 2.
Source: press release | May 16, 2013
For unique innovations and specialties such as chocolate and pálinka combo, head to Erzsébet tér and visit the annual Spring Pálinka Festival. The fest takes place on May 16-19, focusing on sour cherry.
Source: press release | May 14, 2013
The upcoming edition of La Coppola's Sicilian Wine Dinner series will take place on May 23. Chef Abdel Hafez Hyassat has promised to prepare dishes that have intensive effect on the mind, but are light on the stomach.
Francisck Réka Alíz | May 10, 2013
Born from a humble idea by Marketing Helyszínelő, a unique event took place on May 8 at Budapest’s Zappa Caffe in Mikszáth Kálmán Square, where street musicians provided an atmosphere unlike any other.
Source: press release | May 9, 2013
Meet the judges and international talents of the 14th Pannon Wine Challenge, taste the award-winning wines, and find out who the best Hungarian winemakers are, at Budapest's Gerbeaud House on May 11.
Source: press release | May 2, 2013
On May 4, Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. The annual event traditionally takes place in Villány.
Source: press release | April 16, 2013
Hungarian celebrities will cook at Continental Hotel Budapest's ARAZ Restaurant on April 17, with the help of the restaurant's chef de cuisine, Áron Barka. The goal is to prepare the perfect risotto.
Source: press release | March 14, 2013
Bagolyvár invites us on a gastronomy journey to the Age of Reforms, introducing the favorite dishes of those noteworthy Hungarians who in one way or another have participated the 1848 revolution.
BOB | March 11, 2013
It is not easy to figure out a good surprise for a festive occasion. However, we, at Budapest Week Publishing, have managed to come up with a wonderful idea to help you to present your partners with the perfect gift.
Source: press release | March 8, 2013
This year's edition of the annual wine event organized by VinCE Magazine kicks off today. The event that traditionally presents the world’s most respected wine celebrities is a paradise for wine lovers.
The Daily Telegraph | March 4, 2013
Traditional sit-down restaurants, historically a sacrosanct part of the French way of life, have been dethroned by fast food for the first time, with hamburgers and gourmet sandwiches outselling classic Gallic cuisine.
Forrás: sajtóközlemény | February 22, 2013
The so-called Restaurant Week will take place in Budapest for the fourth time, offering quality cuisine from top restaurants at an affordable fixed price. The pre-booking period has just started.
Source: press release | February 20, 2013
Today, at Budapest's Mák Bistro, Tokaj wines will be introduced. In addition, the restaurant has created a special menu presenting food inspired by Tokaj wines. This will be available for one week only.
Source: press release | February 13, 2013
The second edition of the annual Africa Expo and Fair will take place on February 14-17 at Budapest's HUNGEXPO, to take visitors closer to Africa, with a great number of cultural and gastronomy programs.
Source: press release | February 12, 2013
A brand new festival will open soon, to celebrate the Fish. The fest, to be organized at Erzsébet tér, in District 5, on February 15-17, will offer a number of gastronomy and cultural programs.
Source: press release | January 31, 2013
Earlier, Tamás Széll said his goal was to finish in top 10 out of the 24 competitors. The wish came true: he and his team came 10th, and even a special prize was awarded to the Hungarian team.
Source: Press release | January 29, 2013
A large-scale presentation of wine-growing and winery technology, the annual Viticulture and Viniculture exhibition will start tomorrow at Budapest's Hungexpo. The show closes on Februray 2.
Source: press release | January 25, 2013
Budapest's Millenáris Park will host the first Buther Festival this weekend, introducing pork dishes, freshly made sausages as other goodies for those lovers of meat, as well as a wide range of cultural programs.
Source: press release | January 24, 2013
The first chef to represent Hungary at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or world chef championship, Tamás Széll is ready and prepared for the Lyon finals, to take place in a few days, on January 30. | January 9, 2013
The world's largest chocolate maker says it may have come up with a chocolate that could fight wrinkles and slow the ageing process. So, start eating chocolate for a long, healthy life!
Source: press release | January 7, 2013
Winners of the Prestige Award, founded by László Doszpod and the Prestige Reserve Club, were named for the third time in 2012. The prize recognizes the highest prestige firms in four categories.
Source: press release | December 13, 2012
Áts Károly was named “Winemaker of the Year 2012” by the Hungarian Wine Academy. Áts hails from the Tokaj wine region, and is the 22nd winemaker to receive the award, Hungary's most prestigious. Congratulations!
Source: MTI | November 23, 2012
A unique food and wine festival is to take place at Symbol Budapest tonight, presenting no less than 66 Hungarian celebrities and their favorite dishes, paired with their choice of wine. The show starts at 6 PM.
Source: press release | November 16, 2012
Following the huge success of spring’s market, handmade Hungarian culinary masterpieces once again fill the stands at Budapest's Millenáris. The three-day-long fest starts today.
B.J.I. | November 13, 2012
The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Berlin gave an insight to Chinese gastronomy in Budapest recently. We embarked on a flavorful journey through the different tastes, paired with fine Hungarian wines.
Source: press release | October 26, 2012
Hungarian gastro blogger Ildikó Bezselics (Két Cica Konyhája) will be the guest of the Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge hotel's traditional Sunday Brunch on October 28. Enjoy the flavors of the fall season with her!
Szabó Emőke | October 19, 2012
'Mystery at the Royal' is a series of theme-dinners, organized every two months at Budapest's Corinthia hotel, where guests investigate a crime and have the chance to unfold a mystery.
Source: press release | October 18, 2012
This is the 31st occasion that Hungexpo hosts Hungary's most prestigous trade exhibition of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry. The three-day-long exhibition closes today.
BOB | October 4, 2012
The annual Buda Castle Pálinka and Sausage Festival starts today with the finest selection of pálinkas, superb sausages and live music, at Buda Castle's Oroszlános and Hunyadi courtyards.
BOB | October 1, 2012
Bottles juggling, limes flying, shakers balancing on hands, forearms and forehead: the 22nd annual World Bartender Championship's Central European finals took place in Budapest, at TGI Friday's Oktogon restaurant.
Source: press release | September 27, 2012
The 15th jubilee edition of the annual Beer and Blues Festival kicks off today, at a brand new venue. First time this year the Corvin Promenade in District 8 hosts the multi-art jamboree.
Source: press release | September 25, 2012
Bols Mixer Akadémia and Bols Hungary presents its Master of Bols Bartending contest tonight. The 7-round contest will take place at the Academy, in Budapest's District 9, at Erkel street 13.
Photo: Zsófia Wéber | September 21, 2012
The traditional Kezes-lábos Festival in Etyek (30 km from Budapest) kicks off its 10th and final edition this year on September 22-23, with wine tasting, fantastic cultural, sport and family programs.
BOB | September 20, 2012
The 22nd annual World Bartender Championship's Central European finals will take place in Budapest on September 26. The competition is open to the public, so go and experience it live!
Source: press release | September 18, 2012
There is no limit to the number of those who like sweets, regardless of their age or sex. For their greatest joy, the Buda Castle will host the Sweet Days chocolate and candy festival on Sep 20-23.
BOB | September 13, 2012
'Mistery at the Royal' is a series of theme-dinners, organized every two months at Budapest's Corinthia hotel, where guests investigate a crime and have the chance to unfold a mistery.
Francisck Réka Alíz | September 11, 2012
One of Central Europe's most prestigious, most popular combined wine - art fest offers a grape harvest parade, Wine Academy, concerts, an insight into the Croatian wine regions, and so much more this year.
Francisck Réka Alíz | September 10, 2012
Restaurateur Ilona Zsidai, owner of Café Pierrot, 21 Magyar Vendéglő and Pest-Buda Bistro received the 'For Buda Castle Medal' on September 2, presented by Dr. Gábor Tamás Nagy, Mayor of District 1.
Source: press release | September 7, 2012
The best hamburger, gyros, lángos, celebrity chefs, gastro-bloggers, cooking courses and countless gastro-programs - Budapest's Street Food Show kicks off today at Hold utcai piac.
BOB | August 29, 2012
The 2nd Budavári Sörfesztivál opens today. During the five-day-long beer fiesta visitors can enjoy almost 200 different beer types and a street festival with different programs and concerts.
Source: press release | August 27, 2012
The much awaited Hooters Budapest has opened today. Well-known for its brand of food and fun, Hooters features a casual atmosphere, 'nearly world famous chicken wings' and service provided by THE Hooters Girls.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 23, 2012
A brand new festival opens today, named Fish and Wine on the Beach. The four-day-long mini fest is organized at Római part, in District 3, offering a number of gastronomy and cultural programs.
Source: | August 16, 2012
Every year since 2007 special confectionery masterpieces compete to be presented for the celebration of statehood on August 20th. This year's winner is an apple and poppy seed layer cake.
Horizon | August 1, 2012
Being something edible between two or more slices of bread, the sandwich, most popular with world-wide eaters, is possibly named after Lord Sandwich but not invented by him.
Horizon | July 25, 2012
A survey conducted among foreigners visiting Hungary concerning what they liked best in the country revealed that one of the big hits was lángos or as they put it: langosch.
Horizon | July 12, 2012
Hungarians are extremely proud of a number of great things, such as Buda Castle or Lake Balaton, but smaller, hidden treasures can warm their hearts just as much. Spritzer is one of those.
Francisck Réka Alíz | July 4, 2012
Have you ever had that problem with ice cubes diluting your drinks? You need them because you want your drink to stay cold, especially in these sizzling hot summer days, but ice melts and makes your drink taste like crap. | July 2, 2012
Did you know that water is one of the most important nutrients for your body? Since 2/3 of the body is water, and we can’t survive more than a few days without it, staying hydrated makes sense.
Source: press release | June 29, 2012
A unique series of cooking classes and courses was launched by Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation. Go and prepare dishes for the greater good and fulfill the wishes of children who are very ill!
BOB | June 26, 2012
Enjoy the noble flavors of Tokaj wines at an authentic wine tasting event and taste the exclusive culinary delicacies at Andrássy Rezidenicia on the last weekend of June, between June 28 and July 1. | June 22, 2012
Celebrate the triumph of light over darkness on the longest day and shortest night of the year (June 23) at the Hilton Budapest, in the historical surrounding of the Dominican Courtyard.
Source: press release | June 8, 2012
This year's eight edition of the annual Gourmet fest has just started yesterday. Following the first “trade” day of the event, from now on for three days, the fest is open for the public at Millenáris Park.
Source: press release | June 4, 2012
Keeping healthy and eating well is of paramount importance to Nestlé. A group of four British experts, the ‘Team Whole Grain’ is calling for mums and kids to have some family fun in the kitchen.
Source: press release | June 1, 2012
A brand new gastro-festival entitled 'Time for Wine' will be organized this weekend downtown, at Budapest's Erzsébet Square, celebrating the opening of a wine bar named Akvárium.
Source: press release | May 31, 2012
On June 4, Hungary celebrates the National Day of Cohesion with bright spring cultural and culinary programs to build a sense of national unity. Programs will start on June 3 at Kossuth tér.

Hungary Around the Clock | May 29, 2012
The Budapest Hard Rock Café is among the company’s five best performing units in Europe since it opened five months ago, European operations chief Antonio Bautista declared.
BJI | May 21, 2012
We live in a world of fragrances, smells, odors, stinks. Although our receptors have weakened with civilization, our nose is still able to lead us: sometimes it protects us from bad decisions.
Source: press release | May 14, 2012
Chocolate is not just tasty but its wrappers can be useful as well. This idea guided Milka chocolate and TerraCycle, when they launched the new Milka Chocolate Brigade program.
Source: press release | May 8, 2012
Apricots and apricot pálinka play the leading role at the 7th Annual Pálinka Festival. In addition to gastronomical specialties, the program is enhanced by performers representing the musical culture of Hungary.
József Spirk - Index | April 26, 2012
Despite cutbacks in the budget, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has spent large sums of money advancing the gastronomic standards in Hungarian embassies. A special course was organized for embassy chefs.

Source: press release | April 13, 2012
The eigth edition of Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation’s cooking course took place recently at the kitchen of Corinthia Budapest Hotel, to, as usual, grant a wish for a seriously ill child. | April 10, 2012
Hollow, solid or filled; dark or traditional milk chocolate; candy coated or foil wrapped - Easter eggs and other chocolate can be good for you, as long as you eat only small amounts, researches suggest.
Source: press release | March 29, 2012
Hungary won a bronze medal along with 142 prizes in the Destillat international competition of distillates, attended by 10 nations. Hungary's national winner is Agárdi Pálinkafőzde with 20 medals.
Source: press release | March 27, 2012
A grandiose Buddha statue, the essence of the Buddha-Bar Restaurant to be opened this spring at the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace, has recently arrived to the Hungarian capital.
Source: press release | March 23, 2012
The annual wine event organized by VinCE Magazine has just started at Corinthia Hotel Budapest. The three-day-long event is a paradise for wine lovers and for professionals it is a must.
Source: press release | March 14, 2012
The seventh edition of Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation’s cooking course took place recently with a special, chocolate-making program, to, as usual, grant a wish for a seriously ill child.
M. Tóth Enikő | March 13, 2012
Lemon sausage for Lajos Kossuth’s Pleasure and stuffed eggs as Petőfi liked–a few examples from the special national holiday menu to be found at Hotel Hilton’s ICON restaurant.
MTI | March 12, 2012
The chef of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Viktor Merényi won the Embassy Chef Challenge Grand Prix, a gastronomy competition for embassies in the American capital.
BOB | March 6, 2012
Little and often fills the purse, says the proverb. It also applies for restaurant etiquette, as care and attention or the shortage of them have a strong effect. How to behave to deserve the ‘friendly guest’ title?
BJI | March 2, 2012
The so-called Restaurant Week will take place in Budapest for the second time, offering quality cuisine from top restaurants at an affordable fixed price. The pre-booking period has just started.

Francisck Réka Alíz | March 1, 2012
Latin fever sweeps the city this weekend as Budapest’s Corcovado Restaurant organizes a carnival with true Brazilian atmosphere, including sambas, Brazilian meals and a lot of Caiprinha.
Source: press release | February 29, 2012
Tamás Széll has won the Hungarian division of the culinary competition Bocuse d’Or. If he is successful in the European contest too, he will be the first Hungarian finalist in this international competition.
Source: | February 27, 2012
The burgermasters at McDonald’s French division have decided to give their cheeseburgers a serious makeover, proving that visiting a fast food restaurant can be a real culinary experience.
Source: press release | February 24, 2012
Every year in the third week of February, Miskolc presents the biggest open air gastronomy and multicultural winter festival in Hungary. This year's 12th edition's guest of honor is Romania.
Francisck Réka Alíz | February 23, 2012
Malatinszky Kúria Organic Wine Estate in Villány is unique in many ways. It is not only a successful business and winery offering top-wines, but also a place of experience and experiment.
BOB | February 22, 2012
Following traditions of previous years, Hungarian Tourism Zrt. introduces Fat Thursday again in 2012. On February 23, guests can wine and dine half price at hundreds of restaurants!
Source: press release | February 15, 2012
The sixth edition of Csodalámpa Foundation’s Cook-a-Wish course was held on February 9 at the Paris Budapest restaurant of the Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel, to, as usual, grant a wish of a seriously ill child.
Source: press release | February 8, 2012
The fifth edition of Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation’s cooking course took place recently with a special, chocolate-making program, to, as usual, grant a wish for a seriously ill child.
Source: press release | February 7, 2012
A memoir of Hungarian restaurateur and food critique Egon Ronay is out now, published by Newbaz Ltd. on 136 pages, introducing the life and challenges of the „man who taught Britain how to eat."
Source: press release | February 6, 2012
Éva Kottra, Hungarian sommelier, gastronomy journalist and author, residing in Italy, competed with the most talented Italian experts of gastronomy and won the prize “Forchetta di Platino” (Platinum Fork)
BOB | January 30, 2012
A study from Portsmouth University claims that nine out of ten sufferers of food allergies or food intolerance in Britain actually do not have a real medical allergy.
Francisck Réka Alíz | January 24, 2012
Hungary’s first Ice Bar opened recently in Budapest’s District 5, where the walls, the seats, the tables and even the glasses are made from Ice. This is truly the coolest place to have a drink.
Source: | January 23, 2012
The Italian brand of sparkling mineral water S. Pellegrino teamed up with BVLGARI. The two Italian firms jointly designed a limited edition bottle, which aims to celebrate Italy’s refined spirit and culture.
BOB | January 19, 2012
Since 1993, Budapest Week Publishing has conducted a survey amongst its readers and partners regarding their favorite providers to be considered as the best in the trade. Now it’s time for you to choose the bests!
Enikő M. Tóth | January 17, 2012
Dull winter days and early-coming evenings almost beg for being a bit sweeter. What can be better than a small amount of preciously made, charming chocolate? Or rather, a big amount...
BOB | January 13, 2012
Vegetarianism does not only mean that we say NO to meat - it is a lifestyle. Whether it is an own decision or a must, it doesn't matter. Vegetarian meals should make it on the menus.
BJI | January 12, 2012
From the weather of the fest-day of Vincent of Saragossa, wine-makers try to predict the quality of the new wine. They taste the fresh wine and ask for God’s blessing on the grapes.
Source: | January 10, 2012
An American company is transforming containers into sun-free, soil-free greenhouses. Leaf lettuce from their test system shows they've got dark-green thumbs, and that the system works. | January 4, 2012
Saving the planet one plateful at a time does not mean cutting back on meat, according to new research: the trick may be to switch our diet to insects and other creepy-crawlies. | January 3, 2012
Wine doesn’t just taste good because of its grapes or vintage - it might also have something to do with the room you’re sitting in, or, more precisely, the colors of its interior.
Source: press release | December 23, 2011
A unique series of cooking classes and courses was launched this fall by Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation. Go and prepare dishes for the greater good and fulfill the wishes of children who are very ill! | December 21, 2011
The first Jewish Cultural Online TV, launched about half a year ago, started its Jewish Gastronomy series during this year’s Judafest, yielding insight into the secrets of cooking traditional Jewish dishes.
Source: | December 20, 2011
Before Xmas, the question remains: what is the best present for your loved ones? If you don’t know how to spend your bonus, here’s an idea from Luxury designer Leon Verres.
Source: press release | December 19, 2011
Almost 30 bottles have been sold from the so-called museum wine range since April at SkyCourt. The world-famous Tokaj wine specialties have proved popular with foreign travelers since their appearance at the airport.
Francisck Réka Alíz | December 15, 2011
Chinese restaurants are famous for dishes made of the most different animals that are unknown and somewhat extreme to the Western people's palate. But one of these, the snake bitten chicken has made the Black List, even in China.
Source: press release | December 6, 2011
Péter Vida was named “Winemaker of the Year 2011” by the Hungarian Wine Academy. Vida hails from the Szekszárd wine region, and is the 21st winemaker to receive the award. Congratulations!
Source: press release | December 5, 2011
A unique series of cooking classes and courses was launched this fall by Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation. Go and prepare dishes for the greater good and fulfill the wishes of children who are very ill!
Source: press release | December 1, 2011
Laurent Vandenameele, Executive Chef of Le Meridien Budapest's Le Bourbon restaurant was recently honored by the French President for his contribution to French gastronomy.
Source: | November 29, 2011
It has been banned by airlines as an offensive weapon, its smells like a gas leak and it is Swedish schoolchildren's favourite way to cause classroom chaos. Yet thousands of Swedes regard it as a culinary delicacy.
Source: press release | November 17, 2011
Hungexpo’s new exhibition entitled “Tastes and Wines” presenting various national cuisines and wines will be organised for the first time between 18–20 November, at Budapest’s HUNGEXPO.

Francisck Réka Alíz | November 11, 2011
Celebrate St. Martin’s Day with music and dance, roast goose, fine wines, arts and crafts programs, feather-plucking, fantastic musicians and a lantern parade at the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture.

Source: press release | November 7, 2011
World famous eating designer Marije Vogelzang has visited Budapest introducing her tailor-made artistic project entitled ’Eat Love Budapest’ at the exhibition hall of A38.
Source: press release | November 3, 2011
The latest site of Vapiano, the famous international chain in the Italian "fresh-casual" category, opens today in Budapest’s MOM Park Shopping Center, to offer fresh and exciting choice of Mediterranean flavors.
Francisck Réka Alíz | October 27, 2011
A unique series of cooking classes and courses was launched this fall by Csodalámpa Wish Granting Foundation. Go and prepare dishes for the greater good and fulfill the wishes of children who are very ill!
Francisck Réka Alíz | October 26, 2011
Eating squirrel meat could be the new trend in the UK. According to the owner of a north London supermarket, this is a sustainable way of feeding people and squirrel meat has a "lovely" taste.
Francisck Réka Alíz | October 25, 2011
Dark nights, full moon, scary lanterns and lots of pumpkins – Budapest doesn't have to miss Halloween atmosphere anymore. Although this festival isn't an old tradition in Hungary, ICON restaurant celebrates it.
Source: | October 14, 2011
What on earth's Caesar got to do with salad and why Mary is bloody? A book written by Albert Jack unearths the fascinating and bizarre stories behind our favorite foods.

Source: press release | October 10, 2011
This is the 30th occasion that Hungexpo hosts Hungary's most prestigous trade exhibition of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry. The exhibition will start tomorrow with brand new programs.
Francisck Réka Alíz | October 7, 2011
Buda Castle Pálinka and Sausage Festival has started yesterday with the finest selection of pálinkas, superb sausages and live music, at Buda Castle's Oroszlános courtyard.
Source: press release | September 29, 2011
Hotel Hilton Budapest brings Belgian beer culture to Budapest, in co-operation with Belgian Beer Café Royal and ICON Restaurant. The 4-day-long program will start on Oct 2.
Source: Press release | September 28, 2011
The Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge hotel has called upon the natural pairing of cuisine and scent by introducing Chandler Burr, perfume critic of the New York Times, and his unique interactive ‘Scent Dinner’ show.
BJI | September 6, 2011
There was great interest in the entries for the ‘cake of the country’ competition this year. After last year's winners that used domestic raw materials and Hungaricums, this time, the winner was an unusual cake.
BJI | August 10, 2011
Nespresso was never short on big ideas when it wanted to emphasise the uniqueness and excellence of its coffees.
BJI | August 9, 2011
Mc Donald's, the biggest fast-food chain in Hungary is well known for striving for the best quality in both its food raw materials and end products.Minimizing environmental damages is also a priority.
Source: press release | May 27, 2011
A brand new gastro-program series, the Palace Quarter Picnic (Palota Piknik) has kicked off recently, introducing the diversity of Budapest's 8th District trough wine, food and culture.
Francisck Réka Alíz | May 19, 2011
Exposure to toxic cookstove smoke accounts for nearly two million deaths annually. Global Ambassador of the alliance, formed to bring attention to the problem, is Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.
BJI | April 20, 2011
Those, who’ve already tried all Easter programs and perhaps have a birthday to celebrate during the holiday there’s a good occasion for making the family happy by a lunch&surprise programme. | April 5, 2011
Danubius Hotel Astoria's Mirror Café and Restaurant offers a gastronomic time-travel with the popular dishes of Budapest's first trendy eatery, the Baikal Russian Restaurant.
Francisck Réka Alíz | March 23, 2011
Electrolux “Cube” restaurants will be popping up on a series of landmark sites across Europe over the course of 2011, starting with a placement on top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Belgium. | March 18, 2011
Opened the Araz Bistro the new à la carte restaurant of the Boutique Hotel Zara which features exceptional delights of International and Hungarian cuisine. The restaurant is in the close proximity of the Váci street.
| March 17, 2011
Budapest's Onyx restaurant has become the second restaurant in Hungary to be awarded the coveted Michelin Star, according to the European edition of Michelin guide 2011.
Enikő M. Tóth | March 9, 2011
Despite of his young age, Joel Khalil, new executive chef of Hotel Corinthia Budapest, has worked all around the world from Asia to London, from Switzerland to Macau. He likes traditional Hungarian food very and desserts.
M. Tóth Enikő | March 7, 2011
Energy-saving, sophisticated and so small that fits even into the littlest office-kitchen. This is Pixie, the newest and perhaps the most creative member of Nespresso coffe-machine family.
Source: | March 1, 2011
René Verdon, whose position as the White House chef during the Kennedy administration helped him project the allure of classic French cuisine to the American public, died.
BJI (Source: | February 28, 2011
Black Swan with Diablo Tequila ’n’ Tonic, Inception with Brandied Onion soup – you should celebrate Oscar-nomination of the best movies with decent menus according to webpage
Source: Turizmus Panoráma Bulletin | February 9, 2011
Champagne, tea, bortsch and the real Napoleon – creations by Ulf Burbach, the chef of InterContinental Budapest suggest that he spent long years in Russia. His Russian evening was a huge success.
Source: | February 3, 2011
Hungarian culinary week is being held at the European Parliament currently, featuring traditional Hungarian dishes, such as pea soup, 'székely káposzta' and 'Somlói galuska'.
Turizmus Bulletin | January 28, 2011
There are no prices in a Prague coffee house. The owner allows the guests to decide how much they want to play for their consumption. According to the owner the idea is a great success.
Source: | January 26, 2011
A shrivelled 30-year-old piece of confectionery, said to be from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cake, has sold for USD 290 on a New Zealand Internet auction site.
Francisck Réka Alíz | January 17, 2011
McCormick, the US spice manufacturer, has released its Flavor Forecast for 2011, identifying leading culinary trends that might shape the way we eat in the year ahead and beyond.
Source: press release | January 12, 2011
French cuisine has recently been added to the World Heritage list. Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge and its restaurant therefore celebrate French gastronomy with a whole week dedicated to French culinary art.
BJI | January 10, 2011
Áron Barka, Chef de Cuisine welcomes his guest on special gastronomy programs on every January Sundays in Restaurant Araz in Dohány Street, Budapest. French gastronomy is introduced first.
BJI | January 3, 2011
Hungarian Smart Grasshopper has become a beloved product among the internet offers of Systembolagest. Together with this Green Veltliner, Törley and Chapel Hill champagnes are also popular.
| August 12, 2010
| August 12, 2010
Francisck Réka Alíz | December 1, 2010
The grand festival of gastronomy and the culinary arts has ended with huge Hungarian success. A number of silver medals and a first prize won by Károly Varga came home with the Hungarian competitors.
M. Tóth Enikő | November 30, 2010
Glass eel, truffles, blue lobster and pufferfish – some of them may be simply expensive, some of them even life threatening. Let us collect some of the most extreme delicacies around the world.
press release | November 24, 2010
It’s no good playing with our food, but from now on, we can use our cutlery instead, the colorful plastic brainchild of ding3000 design studio and BASF, named JOIN.
| November 23, 2010
National top allergy experts of the USA previewed some new guidelines that are intended to clear up confusion about the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies. There's a lot of confusion.
| November 18, 2010
During Hungary's EU presidency, more than 250 meetings and conferences are to be held in Hungary. On these occasions, Hungarian wine will be served for the guests.
Francisck Réka Alíz | November 17, 2010
Having a coffee and munching a cookie while gossiping with our friends in a nice little café – most of us would call this an essential weekly routine. Wash & Coffee takes our joy one step further.

M. Tóth Enikő | November 15, 2010
Gault Millau Österreich 2011 was published on Nov 10 in Wien. The jury of the famous gastronomy guide mentions 13 Hungarian restaurants, led by Costes which has received the most points and 3 toques.
M. Tóth Enikő | November 11, 2010
On the corner of the street of Olimpia restaurant, there is a car-mechanics’ shop. Few would believe that any restaurants could operate in this environment. Lajos Takács did believe though.

| October 14, 2010
Wine is flowing from everywhere. Unfortunately this statement isn’t true, but there is lot of news about Vylyan’s wine auction. The charity auction has been completed successfully.
M. Tóth Enikő | October 6, 2010
Duennium Auction of Vylyan winery ended last week. All 3 magnum bottles of Duennium wine went for more than 300.000 forints. See what happens when good will and good wines meet! The winery offered the income for charity.
Bedő J. István | October 1, 2010
Fishermen’s bastion is the most peculiar sight of Castle District, and the greatest example of faking history. It is a diadem of Budapest, now introducing its reopened Halászbástya Restaurant.
Bedő J. István | September 16, 2010
The Pannonhalma abbey’s winecellars just have reached their seventh anniversary when it won the “Wine Cellar of the Year” award. Actually, wine-making has a thousand year tradition there.
Francisck Réka Alíz | September 15, 2010
A Michelin-starred chef has unveiled the world's most expensive cheese sandwich - which carries a whopping price tag of USD 172. It is currently being considered for a Guinness World Record.
BJI | September 9, 2010
Buda Castle Wine festival, one of the most prestigious professional festivals has reached adult age. The countless events are held together by the most cultic ware of humankind: wine.
| September 6, 2010
“We are currently salvaging the oldest champagne in the world” – says the permanent secretary of Åland. The 70 bottles, found in a shipwreck, seem to the present of King Louis XVI.
BJI | September 3, 2010
Somlói Galuska won the popularity list on “Hungary’s Favourite Cake” poll. More than 30 000 cake-lover voted on their favourites on the webpage
| August 30, 2010
At the introduction of the double-size magnum Duennium wine, one of the personalities whose autograph makes the bottle even more valuable: Dr Imre Csernus
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 30, 2010
Nowadays you will also find caviar from other fish varieties, including salmon, lumpfish and tuna, as well as in different forms. The new delicacy from the French gastronomy is the snail caviar.
BJI | August 28, 2010
The Vylyan Winery has already supported countless initiatives whose purpose is not always tied to wine. The Winery’s flagship wine, the Duennium 2006, is enlisted for charity service.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 25, 2010
The popularity of caviar is hardly a new phenomenon. The dish dates back to ancient times and has been prized in almost every culture. Today caviar is still a delicacy that can provide you with that feeling of luxury.
METRO | August 18, 2010
Varga Winery and German company METRO have recently announced their joint project to help flood victims in two Hungarian villages, selling 6,500 bottles of premium wine for a discounted price.
BJI | August 12, 2010
The KOGART Restaurant has launched a series of events under the name ‘Kulinart’, which combines art with gastronomy. At the dinner evening, food specialties inspired are offered to the guests.
Francisck Réka Alíz | August 9, 2010
Jamie Oliver has gone virtual with his brand new video game entitled ‘What’s cooking?’ The Brit chef’s first video game is available for the Nintendo DS, containing a recipe collection and a set of cooking-themed mini-games. | August 5, 2010
With 13 Michelin stars to its name and a restaurant recently crowned the best in the world, Copenhagen has become a surprise must for Europe’s gastronomical pilgrims and a culinary trendsetter.
Tuba Dorottya | July 28, 2010
Nobu is a nickname, belonging to Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuisha. The uniqueness of his gastronomy lies in the combination of Japanese cuisine strictly following rules and of South-American, especially the Peruvian flavors.
BJI | July 27, 2010
The white wine ‘pair’ of the ‘Bull’s Blood of Eger’ will be called ‘Eger Star’ – the decision was made by Council of Regional Winemakers as a result of a recently completed name-seeking competition.
Francisck Réka Alíz | July 22, 2010
Do your dishes, cook a meal, and give your guests something to talk about when you make dinner in your dishwasher. Watch your multitasking kitchen appliance steal the show!
BJI | July 20, 2010
In Hungary, several wine-makers and wine-producers are recognized with awards from different organizations. From now on, the young generation may also enter the competition thanks to the Pannonia Golden Ring Foundation
Bedő J. István | July 15, 2010
Olive oil has its experts just like wines and they also gain experience by tasting many-many times in order to rate the oils. However, the taster is not jealous of his expertise as he provided a presentation of the basics.
Francisck Réka Alíz | July 14, 2010
New vintage, new winemaker, new plantation, new look, new concept. The Etyeki Kúria Winery is to reposition its products, creating a young, fresh brand, ready to hit the international market.
BJI | June 29, 2010
Chocolatier Gábor Mészáros wishes to revolutionize the domestic market of chocolate bars: he came up with a concept: the customer can choose the type of chocolate and also the toppings from millions of option on offer.
M. Tóth Enikő | June 21, 2010
Attila Gál has difficult duties: frequenters of Restaurant Ráspi, Fertőrákos are used to delicious, countrified tastes. The new Ráspi Budapest has to offer the same, but in an urban area.
HB | June 18, 2010
Most wineries utilize used barrels mostly for storing wine. Artists were inspired by empty barrels exhibited by the Vylyan Winery in Kisharsány
bji | June 16, 2010
Starbucks has opened its first café in Hungary in the busy and popular WestEnd shopping center. Here, you get the same as in any other Starbucks store in the in the world – and a plus that is something characteristically Hungarian. The store is operated by AmRest.

BJI | June 15, 2010
Egon Ronay, the Hungarian born and world renowned restaurant critic died on Sunday, June 13, at the age of 94. Ronay left Hungary after the Second World War when his father's restaurants were nationalized.
Francisck Réka Alíz | June 14, 2010
Have you been ever wondering how our future will look like? Let's have a glimpse at the new possibilities the future’s kitchen might offer, in, say, 10 years: a kitchen of the digital age and digital gastronomy.
| June 8, 2010
Budapest has recently been visited by a Chinese delegation of gastronomy. Their attention was centered on Hungarian foie gras (goose liver) and wines but they were interested in other things, as well, tasting the stuffed cabbage, for instance.
Epicurious | May 6, 2010
Gwyneth Paltrow is known to many as an elegant, Oscar-winning actress. She has recently begun to show the world her food-loving side. The celebrity talks about how she lives for cooking-eating, not the other way around.
Francisck Réka Alíz | May 4, 2010
Wine-makers from southeastern Slovakia are to be allowed to use the name "Tokaj" again. On April 27, members of parliament supported the cabinet's draft amendment to the Act on Viniculture.
MTI – Index; translated by Sándor Laczkó | April 28, 2010
The British Restaurant Magazine has published its 2010 list about the world’s top restaurants. The menu at the first-placed restaurant includes musk ox, unripe elder and water-cress, as well.
Barbara Horacsek | April 21, 2010
Numerous restaurants are closing down in Budapest due to the crisis, even those „big fishes” in the business, while an increasing number of new ones open. Many of them are worth to keep an eye on.
Francisck Réka Alíz | April 13, 2010
The Croatian government re-introduced its anti-tobacco measures for bars and restaurants, after a six-month grace period has just expired on April 9. As of April 10, smoking is only allowed in cafes and bars.
Dorottya Vannai | March 22, 2010
Balázs Bokor, consul general in Los Angeles has published his latest book about culinary delights and dinners in the world of diplomacy. What is an official diplomat dinner like? Find out from our article!
Dorottya Tuba | March 18, 2010
On February 21 in Budapest’s Gerbeaud House, Tradition and Evolution, one of the most well known Hungarian cooking competitions was organized again. Chefs demonstrated on farm chicken dishes.
István Bedő J.; translated by Sándor Laczkó | March 5, 2010
As usual, the French Michelin-guide was published in early March. This time, it caused a big surprise: a restaurant in a tiny village in Southern France was given three stars.
Francisck Réka Alíz | March 1, 2010
Chef Tamás Bereznay, who cooks for Hungary’s President on a daily basis, is to publish his second cookbook, the 'Book of Desserts' in March, which will be devoted to sweets and desserts.
Dorottya Vannai | February 26, 2010
Foodapest and UKBA closed its gates on Wednesday. The organizer Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center is satisfied, it was worth organizing the two exhibitions at one time and place.
Enikő M. Tóth | February 23, 2010
Unbelievable, but true: Emilio Lavazza, the head of Lavazza Coffe Company died at the age of 78. During his leadership the name Lavazza became a very successful brand in coffee business.
Dorottya Vannai | February 18, 2010
This is the first year that the Bocuse d’Or national final is organized in Hungary. Visit Foodapest on February 21-22, watch the contest of the 8 chefs and support your favorite contestant!
Dorottya Vannai | February 17, 2010
For the first time this year, Foodapest and UKBA are organized at one time and place, from February 21-24. The venue is the same as every time, the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center.
Dorottya Vannai | February 17, 2010
The World Cup is held on February 23-24 at the UKBA exhibition at Hungexpo. The Foodapest exhibition is organized at the same time, so visitors can visit two shows with one entrance ticket.
Dorottya Vannai | February 12, 2010
The newly launched menu of McDonald’s has raised up a scandal. The agricultural minister supports the “Italian-turned” McItaly but many, for example Slow Food activists, are very skeptical.
| February 12, 2010
Are You bored of the kitschy red heart and balloons? Are You lacking money but still want to surprise Your beloved ones? This year bake a cake! The surprise is bigger if You are a man!
BJI | February 10, 2010
What the Veneto Region offers you, is basically everything: sea and mountains, lakes and health resorts, cities of art and culture, unspoiled landscape, gastronomy and fine wines.
Dorottya Vannai | February 9, 2010
The Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy, the “Vendég és Hotel” magazine and the Hungarian Baptist Aid organizes a gala dinner on February 17 to raise money for the Haitian people in need.
| February 5, 2010
A new restaurant, the La Rosa, has opened in Ó Street, Budapest. The restaurant’s kitchen is Sicilian and Mediterranean but in the daily lunch menus it serves traditional Hungarian meals too.
Réka A. Francisck | January 28, 2010
Dutch journalist Tom de Smet is to bring Hungary and the Netherlands closer to each other through gastronomy.
Spain News | January 28, 2010
El Bulli closes for 2 years; the first gastronomic university is founded; the lengths of TV ads are regulated due to teenager habits… news briefs from Spain.
Barbara Horacsek | January 27, 2010
Gábor Merfelsz’s heart belongs to Szekszárd. He prepares his wine where he was born in a way he likes: red, beautiful and full-bodied. The greatest honor he thinks is when locals choose his wine.
| January 27, 2010
Culinary peculiarities, special wines and champagnes are waiting the guests of Opera Ball this year. Curry scones stuffed with duck, Smoked swordfish mousse, Roasted saddle of venison in maple syrup…
| January 22, 2010
The inspectors of Dining Guide restaurant guide chose COSTES for the best Hungarian restaurant of 2009. The award was handed over on Wednesday in Marriott Hotel in Budapest.
Külkey | January 14, 2010
It may be made of malt, barley or basically any sort of cereal crops. During the process, double distillation is followed by at least three years of ageing. That is how the favorite drink of many, the whisky is produced.
| January 14, 2010
Two prominent experts accepted the invitation of Bocuse d’Or Selection Hungary: Norwegian star chef Charles TJESSEM and French star chef Joseph VIOLA will strengthen the jury.
| January 12, 2010
In autumn, the inspectors of the London Michelin Guide visited Budapest restaurants and uncovered themselves at two restaurants. Will Budapest be put on the starry sky of gastronomy?