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Wine, Euphoria, Bénye…

03 July 2017

“Bor, Mámor, Bénye”, the unique Festival that has been taking place for 9 years in the picturesque Tokaj-Hegyalja region takes place July 6-9, with gastro and cultural events and spectacular Tokaj wines.

  The organizers of this unusual event developed the idea so they could show off the amazingly beautiful Tokaj-Hegyalaj region and within that, the most enchanting settlement of Erdőbenyé. During the festival, the local winemakers open their gardens to visitors and in addition to the superb wines and delicious bites, there will be concerts, literary readings, craft workshops and children’s programs. The ultimate treat however is the simple thrill of lounging on the grass and soaking up the atmosphere of this charming village in the magical Tokaj region.

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