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St Vincent Day in Pannonhalma

12 January 2012

Trying to predict the quality of the wine the following year from the weather of the fest-day of St Vincent of Saragossa is a centuries-old tradition among wine-makers. If the ice melts on this day, there is going to be a good yield. They taste the new-wine, walking form cellars to cellars, and pray for God’s blessing for the fields.

Last year was the first time when the winery of Pannonhalma Archabbey was open for guests during the traditional ceremony. The support of the visitors proved to be useful: last year was exceptionally good regarding the harvest and the wines. No wonder the abbey is willing to continue welcoming visitors on St John’s Day to visit the vineyards. On Jan 21, the abbey hosts several programs for a unique experience: pálinka and cone-tasting, guided tours and mulled wine. Those willing to stay over the night will be accommodated at Saint Jacob house. The highlight of the event will be a special menu at Viator Restaurant, to match the abbey’s wine selection. For further information, check the website of the restaurant.

For participation, registry is needed, the maximum number of guest is limited to 50. The deadline application  is Jan 18, Wednesday.

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