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Prestige Reserve Wine Club's Dinner Party

17 October 2017

Prestige Wine Club's first Wine Dinner Party took place on September 29th. You can read the report from the organizer himself and get a first-hand glimpse behind the scenes. Looking forward to the next event!

As far as the venue is concerned, our choice fell to the Kárpátia Restaurant, given the long-standing good relationship, the always professional service and the unbeatable setting.The rules of a traditional wine dinner were changed in several places, so instead of 1 winery, 13 took part in the event, and instead of a seated dinner version, we devised a party-style scenario with freshly prepared dégustation servings. And this is how it was.

We wanted to be unique in terms of the types of wines, so wineries were requested to bring their top wines, that is, their best, most popular, trendy, latest and most unique wines. The decision was left up to the winemakers, as we thought that the interpretation of the request might also result in interesting experiences with respect to the characteristics of each wine category.

Additionally, we added many experts, wine journalists and sommeliers to the event, so that the wines presented by the winemakers and personally interpreted as trendy and unique, along with the reasons for their selection, would provide interesting lessons to this circle of professionals.

We ourselves were also surprised that most of the guests spent 4-5 hours at the party, taking advantage of the random nature of the event, as they could taste both wines and dishes in whatever order, timing and match was most suitable to them.

We see that our “Party Time” event was aa good call!. We hope that our next big party offering will be just as interesting and will end just as successfully.
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