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Mitiszol (What do you drink) Festival

10 November 2017

For the 7th time, Terra Hungarica, whose objective is the promotion of authentic wines, has organized another tasting day on November 18th. Each year they offer increasingly more to all those who care what they drink.

Mitiszol? (“me-tea-sol”, meaning “what do you drink?”) is the country’s first drink festival themed around beverages produced with the same philosophy of respecting nature (in many cases organic or even biodynamic farming), no additives and as little intervention and manipulation as possible during the production process. The result is a drink, let it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that not only tastes better, but is also healthier than its conventional counterparts.
The festival will showcase a colourful selection of wines from the Carpathian Basin and leading European wine regions (more than 100 labels), as well as beer, cider, pálinka, fruit juice, syrups, herbal teas, coffee and natural fresh water. Beyond beverages, visitors will also have the chance to taste organic food products and dishes.

Although the traditional walk-around tasting still focuses on authentic wine (about 40 wine growers and over 100 wines), visitors can taste other natural beverages and enjoy organic food products and dishes. Have lunch and dinner with us! (Ticket include tasting all beverages, while food will be available for cash).
In addition, this year there will be some unique and exciting programs taking place during the Festival. One of them is 42 Coffee’s Barista League Final, where the most talented professional baristas will compete for the valuable main prize. Házikó, another exhibitor who prepares delicious foods from authentic sources, will also come up with a secret debut project in the Festival.

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