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Bull's Blood Battle

10 February 2016

On February 26, head to the Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Competition where you can taste wines of more than 25 Bikavér producers, comparing their region, wine making style and wine vintage. The venue is the ballroom of Corinthia Hotel Budapest.

The Bikavérs from Eger and Szekszárd differ in their character, as one comes from a northern, the other from a southern wine region. One common thing is that the base of the red blending is the Kékfrankos in both regions. About how much you can taste that in the wine, the wine lovers can personally be convinced of at the wine tasting called Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Battle held in Budapest.

Not only oenologists decide which grapes the Bikavér should contain, also the regulations for the wine regions must be taken into consideration. Both the Egri and Szekszárdi regulations are similar from the point of view that the base of Bikavér has to be Kékfrankos.
Gabriella Mészáros, wine specialist said the following about the importance of this: „The uniqueness thanks to the production site can be seen through grape types that are unique by themselves but also let the climate, soil and all the nature around them prevail.
The Kékfrankos is perfect for this, as his acids, fruitiness and good structure guarantee all of this. Of course you need good vintners in order to prepare quality wine – that goes beyond Kékfrankos.”

The Bikavér can be classified in the group of serious red wines as a quality wine because of his Kékfrank base, and it is worthy to match it with food that fits to his character. The director and professor of the Central European Wine Institute gives the following advices in wine and food pairing: "Due to the acidity of the Bikavér fatty food, due to his spicy aroma slightly spicy meals are a good choice, so a lot of recipes from the traditional Hungarian cuisine come up. It is recommended to consume this wine with tenderloin, veal stew, pepper stew or also a meaty poultry meal like duck or goose legs.”

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The event is sponsored by the Central European Wine Institute and Szigetközi Friss Víz.



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