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2nd Spritzer and Lángos Festival, Kincsem Park

31 July 2017

If your favorite summer drink is a spritzer and you love lángos (the traditional Hungarian fried flat bread), then naturally your place will be at this city event.

Once again this year, this special festival, which everyone is looking forward to, is being organized at Kincsem Park from August 4th to 6th.


In addition to the refreshing spritzers, there will be plenty of beer specialties, non-alcoholic drinks, but even fruit brandies will be offered by the food trucks on hand. The on-the-spot, freshly baked lángos is sure to attract visitors. The festival programs will include horse-racing, greyhound racing, DJ programs and of course, programs for children.


For those who are still not tempted enough, they can still take part in an exciting fair and view the wagon and boat exhibitions. It's a good idea to come out to this festival even if it’s only  about the food, but there is nothing better than a cold, refreshing spritzer in the heat of the summer. At this summer event, even the kids will enjoy themselves, especially if they like horses.



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