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Macok in Eger

Near the castle of Eger, the Macok restaurant invokes a pleasant mood due to the charming atmosphere that surrounds the venue. An exceptional list of locally produced wine from the city of Eger is presented along with their in-house wine from the St. Andrea winery. For our appetizer we tried the citrus kohlrabi soup with paprika foam, and crunchy duck liver dumplings; all of which tasted delightful! Our second appetizer was duck liver with apricot, ham from Monsobel and a side of cantaloupe. As for the main dish, we had roasted rabbit with a cream sauce and potato fritters. For our second main, we tried the beef cheeks sautéed in Egri Bikavér wine, with a smoked celery puree and porcini mushrooms. Overall it was wonderful, thanks to the talent of the chef and the professionally trained staff.

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