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INNIO, much more than a wine bar

The main focus of INNIO is primarily wine, however a striking list of International and Hungarian commodities are also available for purchase. From the Riedl wine glasses to the ceramic plates and the tremendous selection of spirits, INNIO is much more than just a wine bar. Szilárd Tóth is a renowned and talented chef who combines excellent flavors and ingredients, taking his inspiration from Scandinavian Cuisine. Each dish served is a product of pure originality and to top it all off, ‘amuse bouche’ which are small gifts are given to guests as an extra compliment directly from the Chef. We relished in a truly sensational organic wine titled Meinklang Guner Veltiner with our main entre which included bacon cooked to perfection with a side dish of turnip wrapped in beetroot leaves. A brilliant combination! The most thrilling part was the dessert, comprising of bread ice cream with tarragon and frozen cottage cheese. Overall, this was a revolutionary gastronomic experience.

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