Friday January 19, 2018 |
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Two Awards won by TAMA Restaurant
Two awards have been won by the downtown Budapest Restaurant, TAMA at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards competition.
Translation: Agnes Weninger
Best of Budapest online | July 26, 2017
The awards ceremony was held in the capital of Vietnam- Hanoi, on July 22nd. TAMA, which opened last May, was the only Hungarian restaurant awarded in the global category, and in addition, the owner of TAMA,  Attila Hegyi, was also recognized in the regional category.
In this prestigious international competition, restaurant guests, bloggers, restaurant critics, and journalists can name register restaurants from every part of the world, but restaurants can also apply themselves.
An important criterion is that only superior category restaurants with top calibre cuisine and high quality design/décor and whose service has been deemed as excellent in the various review sites and applications, can take part in this competition.
"It was a great honor for us to be recognized in two categories at the awards ceremony,"said Attila Hegyi, owner of Tama Restaurant. - "This recognition is especially important to us because the positive feedback from the guests played a role in the evaluation, which indicates that we are on the right track."
Tama Restaurant, a cosmopolitan building that builds fine dining on a kitchen, basically uses high-quality Hungarian raw materials but is also open to Mediterranean and Far East elements.