Sunday January 21, 2018 |
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The first new wave open-view brewery in Budapest!
The first new wave, open-view brewery opens in the capital! In this 4th district brewery, guests will be able to taste unpasteurized, freshly brewed beer straight from the tanks.
Best of Budapest online | July 10, 2017

  On the occasion of the grand opening on July 15, there will be a Free Brewery Festival, where you can register for site visits and tours. Along with the opening of the brewery, a pub called Taproom, will also open that day. This is an integral part of the brewery and from this pub, guests will be able to observe the brewing process.


The range, consisting of eight types of new wave beers, including Pilsner, APA, IPA and Belgian sour cherry-flavored brews, made exclusively of high quality natural ingredients, will be available for tasting. As part of the program, brew masters and owners of the factory will say a few words and in the evening, the opening party will continue with live music, stand-up comedy and cooking in kettles.



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