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Onyx Restaurant introduces new menus, new chefs
Onyx Restaurant, located at Vörösmarty Square, has been representing Hungarian top gastronomy since its opening. As of September, Onyx welcomes guests with special menus dreamt by a new team.
Translation: Alexandra Ruff
Best of Budapest online | October 6, 2016
Onyx Restaurant opened its doors in April 2007 at Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest. At that time, the main goal was to establish a restaurant of high international standing in Hungary, and by receiving the Michelin star in 2011 it became clear that the team was headed in the right direction by not making compromises in terms of quality. The restaurant is located adjacent to the renowned Café Gerbeaud, on the site of the former ‘Little Gerbeaud’. 

At Onyx professional training is just as important as the presence of warm hospitality and heart. Gaining experience and deeper knowledge from Bocuse d’ Or workshops, the restaurant’s chef Tamás Széll placed 10th in the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition in Lyon in 2013, and won the first prize of Bocuse d’Or European final held in Hungary, 2016. Since leaving the restaurant in September, Tamás and Szabina Szulló (both former chefs of Onyx) are focusing on preparing for the final competition.
Under the direction of the new Onyx chef Ádám Mészáros, new Onyx sous-chef András Pető and Gerbeaud Head chef Ágnes Tóth, only foods prepared with the finest ingredients appear on the menu of the 55-seat restaurant. The members of the Onyx team are committed to quality and innovation. This autumn following guests’ desires and international trends, there is a renewal in the menu, as well. In order to provide creative and seasonal dishes and present the kitchen at its finest, Onyx invites guests to choose from diferent kinds of menus such as the 'Hungarian Evolution Menu', an updated version of traditional Hungarian cuisine and the 'Chef Menu' that is a selection of the chefs’ favorite dishes. From now on, lunch at Onyx Restaurant is only available from Thursday to Saturday while for dinner, the restaurant is open between Tuesday and Saturday.
Even if the Onyx team is now a little bit younger, the philosophy of the restaurant remains the same: at Onyx, tradition meets innovation.