Tuesday February 20, 2018 |
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A whirlwind of fruity flavors in a small dragée
Following a mild winter and a steadily approaching spring, the cold season may have never been this colorful and lively. This has inspired chocoMe to come up with a brand new Raffinée composition that is fruitier than ever.
Best of Budapest online | January 26, 2018
The foundation for these unforgettably rich flavours is blackcurrant, picked early to retain its tanginess, and lyophilised to fully preserve its spring freshness. We set out to find a perfect match for the fruit, one that will evoke the flavour of forest fruits yet carry the trademark chocoMe traits,”  reveals Gábor Mészáros, founder owner of chocoMe, and creator of the new composition. He chose blueberry yogurt mixed with white chocolate rich in Bourbon vanilla. This ideal combination of creamy, smooth yogurt and heavenly chocolate creates a unique coating, both tangy and velvety sweet, enveloping the fruit. To complete the symphony of flavours, the dragées were rolled in lyophilised and finely ground blueberry yogurt.
The new Raffinée creation is full of surprises; an irresistible seduction for cooler days, evoking the flavors of summer freshness in a delightfully delicious dessert.
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