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Sophie & Ben Bistro

The latest global food trend, gourmet burgers arrived in Budapest in the last decade and the eateries serving them have become some of the city’s new hot spots. These include the ‘Sophie & Ben Bistro’ that opened at Káldy Gyula Street 5, close to the ever popular Gozsdu Udvar. At first sight, the restaurant has a warm feeling and our visit on a Sunday evening found the place buzzing with a lively, chatty crowd. On one wall a placket is filled with names of famous couples like Bonnie & Clyde, Batman & Robin, Bella & Edward and Tom & Jerry among others. Joining them is Sophie and Ben. I was wondering who Sophie and Ben were and why this restaurant carries their name. Soon enough, I discovered the sweetest story: the wives of the two owners (György Tatár and Viktor Papp) gave birth to their children – Sophie and Ben – in the same hospital one hour apart. It was the start of a beautiful friendship out of which grew a new business idea. György has spent many years in the hospitality industry and Viktor in the restaurant business. Together they decided to open a casual, smart and child friendly restaurant featuring great hamburgers and pulled pork – classic American favorites. While the menu changes every week, the gourmet burgers and pulled pork are a constant and what most guests come for. You may not be familiar with ‘pulled pork’ which is roasted for 12 hours then shredded and piled high into a delicious homemade bun accompanied by a variety of the chefs barbeque sauces. Guests can choose from 15 different types of hand-craft beer and wine and extravagant drinks such as beet distillate and raspberry brandy are also available. There is a children’s play area at the back of the bistro. The staff strives to give friendly and casual service. To sum it up: Sophie and Ben is a unique place, presenting a great atmosphere, courteous service and last but not least, perfect American food.

Sophie & Ben Bistro
1061 Budapest, Káldy Gyula utca 5.
Monday - Sunday: 11:00-22:00
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