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City Taxi

City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet was established in 1983, as the first private taxi company. The objective of the company then was to offer reliable services at fair prices. Our company was the first to react to market demand in the 1990s and aimed at quality services in addition to the reliability of service. In order to achieve this goal, we continuously develop our vehicle pool, train our drivers.As the market leading taxi company in Budapest, we continuously intend to show examples to our competitors and provide services that lead to satisfaction amongst our passengers and partners.

  • Taxi services
  • Representative VIP vehicle pool service
  • Taxis for carrying 5-6 passengers
  • Smaller packages’ delivery
  • Financing by transfer for contracted partners
  • Identifying by chip card systems
  • Credit card acceptance in every vehicle
  • Online checking through
  • GPRS based data transmitting in the vehicles
Taxi ordering
  • Phone: 2 111-111
  • Email:
  • Through website:
  • Best of Budapest card holders’ code: 1119, one should refer to it while ordering

Contracting, communicating:
  • Phone: 347-8062
  • Fax: 357-4990
  • Email:,