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The most unbelievable and unnecessary new dishes around the world
We reward innovation and creativity in gastronomy. Pairing specific, sometimes strange ingredients and using new techniques could be refreshing, but also obnoxious and...simply odd.
Best of Budapest online | March 6, 2015

Adding color to your morning
Feeling blue about your morning routine? Never fear, because graphic designer and bacon lover Neil Caldwell has a way to help (or at least match your emotions). LA Weekly reports that Caldwell has created a “color wheel of bacon.” Yes, really. The bacon enthusiast’s collection includes bacon strips in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
Lion burgers
If colored bacon isn’t appealing, perhaps Arizona chef Jason Bacon’s newest creation will be. No, Chef Bacon isn’t cooking bacon, as amusing as that would be. According to ABC 15, Il Vinaio Restaurant in Mesa, AZ, will begin offering real African lion burgers. Restaurant owner Cameron Selogie says he came up with the lion meal in honor of the World Cup in South Africa. If “adventurous” describes your tastes, the lion burgers will be available for USD 21.
Fish ‘n’ chips ‘n’… ice cream?
An English dairy company is making a new type of ice cream that The Village Voice claims “qualifies for the Strange Snacks of the World Hall of Fame.” Frederick’s dairies smothers cod-flavored ice cream in vanilla and pepper batter before deep frying and serving it with potato ice cream chips, salt, vinegar and lemon wedges.
Crazy ice cream flavors are apparently nothing new, though. Food Network Humor reports that some of the world’s more adventurous ice cream flavors include chicken wing, cheese, caviar, goat, squid ink and octopus.
Tempting, but no thank you.